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UWriterPro is Business Ghostwriting Company That You Can Trust!

Get interesting and highly attractive business book from our top experts at the best prices!

Books written by a ghost writer are published either under the names of the customer who ordered the books to be written! The authorship of a book written is determined by the customer himself - the publication of the book is possible under the name of one author or a group of authors.

Our Business-Book Writing Services Include

A book written by our ghost writer can be a book of memoirs, an autobiography or a biography of some person, about business, psychology, reflections on life, etc. A book written can be a book covering the history of your hometown, enterprise or organization, documentary stories about outstanding events, memoirs of veterans, employees of the enterprise.

Perhaps it will be a presentation book of the company, enterprise, its history, with a story about the team, partners, achievements, as well as about the goods and services offered? Such a publication can be a kind of advertising for the company's products.

Our services imply:

  • Comprehensive planning of the book structure and content, professional writing
  • Highly professional writing, editing, and proofreading
  • Consultation on publishing and help with it if necessary

If you are reading a book on business and you are feeling bored, it means that the writer of this book hasn't done his job all the way – did not bring drive, emotions into the text of the book, and couldn’t motivate readers to take action. Such a text is always dull, although it has ‘absorbed’ a lot of facts, statistics, and conclusions.

How can a ‘dry’ informative text be turned into an incendiary one? Contact UWriterPro and we will help you write an exciting business book.

What does the book give to you

  • Growth of expertise. In the eyes of readers, you become the owner of knowledge, an expert who is listened to and to whom one can turn to for comments, advice, a product or service.
  • Recognition. The book will become your calling card.
  • New acquaintances - clients, suppliers, and business partners. With a good book, you can get access to places you never dreamed of going before.
  • Pride of relatives. It is always nice to be related to an author whose books are sold in bookstores.
  • Glory. Social media discussions and reviews. Moreover, the opportunity to influence people and leave one's own mark on history.
  • Personal growth. The preparation of the book perfectly structures knowledge and strengthens the ability to explain your thoughts.
  • Status. As the author of a (good!) book, you will be invited to professional communities, conferences, and maybe even to the jury of professional competitions and awards.

Your name printed on the cover of the book increases your authority among friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues and management.


Why Should You Choose Our Business-Book Ghostwriting Services?

In the genre of business literature, most authors adhere to a certain script. In ordinary literature this is a plot, but in business literature it is a structure, which can sometimes also be developed as a plot. The differences between books of this genre are mainly in the style of the author and selection of ideas for books.

The main feature of a business book is to solve the problems of readers. The common thing that unites many authors writing about business things is the search for ideas (facts) for their books in their professional activities. That is, books of this genre are filled with new ideas, facts, methods, algorithms, and solutions that help a certain group of readers (target audience) in their professional work.

If you do not offer such a solution, then the book is unlikely to be successful. When the reader picks up a business book, he is considering how this work and the methods and / or ideas presented in it can solve his problem, how they can help. He looks at who the author is, looks at the title of the book, looks at the table of contents, reads the abstract, the fourth cover and, if he finds something interesting for himself, buys the book or puts it back on the shelf.

The buyer in this case is a hero who, with the help of your book, wants to find a solution (how to start a business, become a millionaire, a good expert in some field, etc.). Everyone wants to improve their life. And for that, you have to provide readers with ways to improve, give the reader something new.

That is why the quality of writing a business book is so important. Our professionals in UWriterPro will be happy to prepare for you a great business book that will be of interest to readers and contribute to your popularity as an author.


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Business-Book Writing Service’s Process Work

  1. Decide on the target audience. The same topic can be presented in different ways to the business owner and his employee. A marketer is interested in content marketing books to improve his own skills, leader - to improve the performance of the team as a whole. The rest of the work with the book depends on the chosen target audience: from the plan (table of content) to the final text.
  2. Select a topic. We can help you with the choice and wording of the topic.
  3. Next, you need to decide on the plan of the book. If you do not have such a plan, our experts will prepare it.
  4. Leave the book writing to UWriterPros experts and expect a turnkey book in excellent quality.
  5. Get a beta testing service and professional advice on publishing your book.

Hire our writers to create well written business books on any topic!

Do not write on a topic that is too broad; it is unlikely that you will be able to write an exhaustive encyclopedia “How to increase sales”. But even a too narrow topic – “How to improve zoo ticket sales using SMS mailings” - will be of interest to a very limited number of people. 

We will help you to choose and formulate an interesting and relevant topic.

We can assist and help you write a Book at an affordable cost!

Your inquiry for book ghost writing can look like this: “The task is to write a book up to 200 pages, based on the personal history of the customer. The topic is “sales.” Approximately 7-10 sections, where there will be cases from the personal life of the customer.”

Steps to Hire EBook Writer by Our Writing Service

  • Write or call us with your inquiry for writing business book
  • Suggest your topic or order its formulation if you don’t have any
  • Agree the structure of the book with our managers
  • Receive and agree on a price offer
  • Confirm your order
  • Control the steps of writing if you wish to, request interim results and make adjustments as desired
  • Get the finished book
  • If you wish, get consultation and help with its publishing


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F.A.Q About Business-Book Writing Services

Every businessman or expert with his own strategy should have a book. This is a magnet for new clients who, after reading it, will already turn to you as an expert.

The services of a person with a written and published business book are more expensive – in particular, because of the increase in self-esteem of the author himself.

You may be an expert in your field, but writing a book requires writing talent and a lot of time in addition to expertise. Learning to write is long and difficult. By contacting UWriterPro, you will receive a beautifully written business book in the shortest time.

It depends on your desire. You can participate in the writing process or entrust the entire process to us. 

It depends on the volume, the extent of your participation in the writing process, and some other factors. The deadline for book ghost writing is discussed individually in each case. We will do our best to shorten the time of writing, editing, and proofreading your book.

Price is calculated purely individually but you can be sure – you will be offered a reasonable and affordable price.

Our team of experts and editors will be happy to provide you with any consultation and advice on your business book

The book has always been something very significant, and therefore the process of its creation is difficult and not fast.

There is no doubt that a hired writer in this process is a key figure, without any exaggeration, since he is the one who creates the text. The success of the book depends on how this person copes with the work. 

All our ghost writers are recognized experts in their field, with huge experience in ghost writing of business books and articles for specialized industry-related and general-profile business editions.

It must be determined at the stage of conception of the book. Try to answer yourself these questions: To whom is this book addressed? Who are these people? What are they doing? What do I expect from this book (recognition in certain circles, sales growth, image improvement in the eyes of clients and partners)?

The business book is a tool for building and managing reputation. It remains to decide whether to entrust us with writing your book!

Our team of experts and editors will be happy to provide you with any consultation and advice on your business book




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