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What is the difference between developmental and copy editing?

Developmental editing is one of the first tasks in coming up with a book writing idea while copy editing is working on an already established manuscript or book through edits and reviews. 

I need someone who will edit my book. How do I find a book editor fast?

We are a team of professional writers bringing you quality top editing services. Reach us at UwriterPro for fast editing.

How do you select the editors for my book?

The Editors are selected based on their fields of expertise concerning client demands to maximize content delivery.

How Experienced Are Your Editors for hire?

UwriterPro editors are experienced in the field for over fifteen years in their respective fields

What types of books do your experts qualify for editing?

We qualify to edit all types of books demanded by clients.

How much time does it take to Edit My Book?

Each editing work differs depending on the book-length and deadlines.

How Much Does it Cost to hire an Editor for my book?

It is cheap and pocket friendly. Reach us for a customized price and discount.

Was ist, wenn mir der endgültige Entwurf meines Buches nicht gefällt?

We offer unlimited edits and free reviews once clients place orders with us.

Is your book editing service safe?

We are 100% safe and reliable. Our Customer reviews are exceptional.

Professional Book Editors in UWriterPRO-Turn Manuscripts into Excellent Books

Get top quality Book editing services from professional editors & Authors at the best possible prices.

Types of Book Editing That We Offer

Developing storylines in manuscripts takes conciseness and clarity to be a Bestseller, known for how entertaining and structured a book is. None becomes a bestseller if the delivery has structural or delivery issues. It is therefore important to consider a properly structured delivery that makes your story believable and catchy. You do not want to put your readers off through mistakes that arise during editing and publishing. The difference between a good book and a bad one is the book editor and the book editing services are in charge of the process. Choosing the best company to edit your novel or develop a story is the beginning of succeeding in professional book editing. Take the bold step and request to hire a freelance editor for quality publication. UWriterPRO is a dedicated professional team offering you professional editors & editing services. Your search for professional editors is over as in our line of work for over 10 years, we have invested in nurturing knowledge and creativity in writing and editing manuscripts in various areas based on client demands. Our editorial team of professional writers will help you with the following types of editing. You do not need to be worried as there are many different types of editing depending on different factors and approaches. They include, Developmental editing. Early writing starts with conceptual editing where an author begins this process with an idea for a publication. A rough outline can work well as it’ll paint the bigger picture allowing the pieces of the story to be developed. A writer looks into the bigger picture focusing on the organization and structure. They ensure that identified arguments are lined up with subject issues. To identify the directive, one needs to ask whether there is any key detail left out or are there irrelevant information that needs editing. Clients seeking help in this scope receive suggestions, organized ideas & structured content for their publication. They’ll get assistance through feedback to see the work as how readers would. If you have a manuscript ready, you do not need developmental editing however, it remains crucial. Talk to us at UWriterPRO and hire a book editor for your editorial need.
  • Evaluation editing

These activities arising from this category of editing ensure that a manuscript uses correct structures, flows and is complete in overall quality. Editors mark up manuscripts at higher levels, making emphasis on structural concerns or questions arising from the development. Unlike developmental editors, evaluation editors focus on finer details assessing key points including all areas of concern. Passing this stage means that your manuscript nears proofreading and copy-editing. Evaluations can differ and challenges arise when book organization or structure is bland needing serious work & editing. This calls for content editing to strengthen manuscripts. Look no further if you are having hardships with book editing. Reach our editorial team online and on the live phone for client discounts with cash and demand on offers.
  • Content editing

While developmental and evaluation editing checks out a bigger picture in novels, content editing, also substantive editing focuses on the use of words and context. We assess the internal structure and review the organization and transition of concepts through word choice and sentence structures that develop the purpose of the text. In other words, content editors read and edit with an eye for completeness, flow, and idea creativity in the story. Paragraphs are assessed and corrections are pointed out as chapter constructions are reviewed for a smoother transition. Given content editing, authors in works of fiction or non-fiction focus on tone & voice to the expected audience. We help you refine your language to reach its purpose. As we work through the editing process, quality content edits are guaranteed with the UWriterPRO book editing service.
  • Proofreading & Copy Editing

Copyediting checks out syntax issues concerned with spelling, punctuation & grammar. 60 percent of average people don’t detect errors. Consequently, only 25 percent of professionals detect 85 percent of syntax errors. Sloppy mistakes in manuscripts can go unnoticed however, a thorough analysis of text, definitely cancels them saving embarrassment. Our commitment is to oversee that book editing or checking ensures the manuscript is appropriate in its genre and style. A proofreader gives a novel a final review before the actual printing. It comes right before publication. Our expert team is the best editor for book publishing.
  • Line Editing

This type is very important in that we check in for stylistic & comprehensive edits. Our line editors go through line-by-line making sure that your book uses words in each sentence correctly, allowing sentence interactions and increasing their impact. It is common for us to review clarity in meanings, eliminate jargon, and change sentence fragments and clichés for a quality effect. The concern here is diction and the level of communication. It should be simple, and concise, following essential writing principles of bestselling non-fiction. If you are not yet decided on which type of editing you seek. Reach us for quality advice round the clock & choose an expert novelist from UWriterPRO professional book editing services.

Work With the Best of Book Editors

Worrying about where the best manuscript editors are, is no more. Hire us to deliver you quality professionals for your right task. When writing historical works of fiction or nonfiction, presenting accurate information should use realistic facts, true stories, and intellectual creativity. Bestsellers go through rigorous revisions also drafts before publishing. It is common for books to fail evaluation tests, with incompetent editors, thereby calling for professional assistance in the field. Experience in this field gives us an upper hand, as we are aware and competent enough in the quality and timely delivery of novels & eBooks. This creative writing process is unique to every editor however; professionalism requires awareness of the book developmental process, which entails:
  • Coming up with themes or subjects
  • Idea research to find inspiration
  • Structuring and organizing of ideas
  • Writing a book draft
  • Editing & Publishing 
This is key to us, as it helps us attain writing goals in a straightaway process. Our experienced freelance writers are well equipped to give you the best book editing services, satisfying all your editorial needs. Look no further.

Our Professional Book Editing Services Include

For many years, we have built trust & found favor with clients who seek book-editing services online. Our professional book editing services include carefully edited manuscripts, grammar error-free books, formatting, and citations that mark quality and excellence. Our publication services in line with the books or manuscripts we do editing include
  • Non-fiction books (classics, detective, action, adventure, etc.)
  • Fiction manuscripts (historical, literary fiction, comic or graphic, etc.)
  • EBooks.(Academics)
  • Biographies & Autobiographies
  • Fantasy Or Horror
  • Romance
  • Science fiction & short stories

Warum sollten Sie uns wählen?

  • Professional & Experienced
It has taken us considerable time to develop an experienced team of writers well rounded in topical issues and critical analysis. It’s a guarantee that our clients receive top-quality services at a professional level.
  • Zuverlässig
Many writers are very hasty in completing editorial work. However, it needs patience and consistency in research and development. We understand these requirements, making us sensitive and objective in professional book editing services. We don’t take chances whatsoever. Delivery is timely & reliable.
  • Cheap
Schreiben a book from scratch is hectic, and uses many resources, time, as well as money. You don’t want to mess up and spend double publishing your book. We offer you cheap & quality services fitting your publishing budgets.
  • Contact support
Clients are always in a loop during the development process up to publishing. It is emphasized that the client and authors remain in communication to allow an exchange of information and brainstorming to ensure that content is validated and reviewed to your liking.
  • Qualität
Books published are supposed to be perfect and purposeful. Our services ensure that you receive top-quality books, every time our writers are hired.

Steps to Hire Book Editor By Our Editing Service

  • Eine Bestellung aufgeben

Start by placing an order by filling out the requirements form providing essential details to help us develop your book.
  • Calculate a price

To know the pricing, calculate a price online to determine how much you need for your book editing depending on book length, topic, or deadlines.
  • Pay & select an author

After placing an order and calculating a price. Pay up & choose an author for your book.
  • Bearbeitung von

Your work is under review, and editing by the technical department. Sit back and wait as the process completes in no time.
  • Submission

The Book is ready for delivery and publishing

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