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Online Readability Tool

How simple the text is to read is what makes a piece of writing good. Depending on this, the text will either be simple to understand or complex. We will assist you in identifying instances of word choice, vocabulary, grammar, and other text forms or qualities that improve readability with the use of our custom essay writing service at Uwriterpro. Use our free readability test tool to get a high readability rating.

What is Readability?

Using more advanced technology and artificial intelligence, this enables the need to enhance reading and boost legibility, the accuracy of vocabulary, and syntax. Text has a greater probability of being legible, entertaining, and readable if a reading level analyzer is used. There are several formulas used to determine the reading level of a document, namely.

Flesch Reading Ease

This test determines the average sentence length and the average number of syllables per sentence using the calculation 206.835 – 1.015 (total words/total sentences) – 84.6 (total syllables/total words). The text is more readable the higher the score.

Flesch–Kincaid Grade

Formula: 0.39 (total words/total sentences) +11.8 (total syllables/ total words) + 15.59. The formula evaluates the score distribution on a scale of 0 to 12. The grade levels at the school are listed here. Based on that number, it calculates the approximate reading level of your text. The readability increases as the Flesch-Kincaid grade level decreases. For instance, a five demands reading comprehension appropriate for the fifth grade.

Gunning Fog Index Score

Formula 0.4 × ((total words ÷ total sentences) + 100 × total complex words ÷ total words). The weighted average of the number of words in each sentence and the amount of lengthy words per word is determined by Robert Gunning’s formula. The grade levels produced by the index score, which range from 0 to 20, represent an estimation of the amount of education needed to comprehend a text. A sixth grader can read an index of six, while a college graduate can read an index of seventeen.

Why Do We Need Readability?

  Writing should be accurate and trustworthy. Every piece of content ought to have a respectable readability rating that makes it simpler to comprehend. You can find close complex vocabularies or expressions by using our free readability checker. those who adversely affect readability. Text that is difficult to understand deters readers. No matter how good your ideas are, they are still unclear and confusing. The score and content quality of your text are determined by a text readability tool, which also improves your SEO ranking. As a result, readers will remain more engaged with your text and information.

Using Online Readability Checker

Using our free text readability tool, you can validate, check, and change your document in just three easy actions.  
  • Step 1: Enter the website’s URL into the text field or paste the contents of your document there and select “Calculate” from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 2: The Readability score analyzer examines your material and offers a comprehensive assessment for free. The text readability tool then makes suggestions for fixing the syntactic and semantic issues that need to be addressed.
  • Step 3: Edit and revise. Your content may improve from changes suggested by the free text readability tool. This is a crucial element in raising your quality, ranking, and Flesch readability test results.
You can verify your written text’s readability with the free readability score tester to see if it was simple to understand. It creates a summary table that displays the text’s level of difficulty or easiness. Moreover, the grade level that is related to its knowledge.


Can I check the readability free of cost?

Yes you can check and use the readability tool. It is free of cost.

What is the best average score of a readability tool?

The best average score is in the range of 90-100.

Can I improve my scores?

Yes you can review them, edit & correct your text to improve the score.

Can you help me earn the highest reading rating?

Do you require a written case study? Select a topic, email us your specifications, and receive your original paper on schedule.

How is the index determined?

Short, concise phrases, words that transition between paragraphs, and the use of monosyllabic words are all included in the scoring.

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