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There are various types of essays, but a descriptive essay is one of the easiest and the same time difficult type of all. Even though the topics are usually related to the writer’s experience: people he knows, places visited; however, for some students, it can turn out to be one of the most challenging tasks. In a descriptive essay, a writer should use words, as an artist uses colors to illustrate the event, so the reader will have a full picture in front of his eyes. In our descriptive article, we will suggest the topics that can be used as descriptive essay examples topics, suggest outlines that can be used and provide an example of a descriptive essay.

What Is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that aims a writer to describe a person, place, subject, or event. The description should be colorful and vivid and give a full image of the subject.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

There are some steps will help to make the writing process easier and smoother.

  1. Decide on the topic. Choosing the topic that is interesting to write about is one of the most important steps. A good descriptive essay should “boost” readers’ imagination, help them to picture a person or event like they know what you are writing about. One of the most common topics, especially if you write for a college application, is a person that is your role model or you feel strongly about as well as a place that is important for you.
  2.    Prepare an outline.When you decided on the topic for your essay, it is time to prepare an outline. The structure of a descriptive essay, like any other essay, includes 3 main parts:

–         The Introduction where you present the topic as well as a thesis statement.

–         The Body is the most crucial and the longest part of any essay, where you start with the topic sentences that state the main idea of the essay.

–         The conclusion is needed to sum up all the information described in the body and make sure that the target of the essay is achieved.

3.     Form a thesis statementthat presents the main idea of the essay.

4.   Follow the guidelineof the chosen outline, the topic, and the word count.

5.   Edit and proofreadto exclude unnecessary information, double-check the word spelling, word order, and typos.

How to Choose a Right Topic?

As we mentioned above, to choose the topic that is interesting and captivating is not that easy. If you should write about the place you have never been to or the person you don’t know anything about, the task will be too challenging. We prepared a list of the topics that can be used as samples of descriptive essay topics:

  • Your dream house.
  • How I see the world in 30 years.
  • Breathtaking scenery.
  • The trip that is hard to forget.
  • First time trying foreign cuisine.
  • Experience with extreme sports (bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain climbing, etc.).
  • Superstitions and their meanings in different countries.

What Are the Types of Various Outlines?

When you write a descriptive essay there are various types of outlines that can be used. Example of a descriptive essay outlines include:

  • The chronological pattern is used to describe scenes or events as they happened to move in the order of time.

Introduction àMemory/Scene à Memory/Scene à Memory/Scene à Conclusion

  • Spatial pattern is perfect for describing locations, as it presents detailed information of places.

Introduction à Location à Location à Location à Conclusion

  • The climatic pattern is the most popular as it can be used for the majority of descriptive essay types.

Introduction à Least important detail à Second least important detail à The most important detail à Conclusion

Descriptive Essay Example

Reading essay rules might be not as helpful as the descriptive writing essay examples, that is why we prepared an essay to show how the rules can be used in practice.

My role model

Everyone has a person he praises, respects and looks up as a role model and for me, this person is my mother. From an orphan who had no support from anyone, she rose to a famous, reputable surgeon who inspires many to choose the profession of a doctor.

Thesis statement: Based on the principals she taught me since I was a child, I was able to overcome all obstacles and become a person I am now.

I was raised in the family where mom was both my mother and father, making sure that I have everything other kids have and even more. She has always told me that not everyone is the same and life gives us only what we can handle. I remember how in primary school I was often mocked as being a “Mommy’s boy”, as whenever there was an event she was the only one who would come. However, she taught me not to pay attention to such things and turn bullying into a joke.

I remember that her life motto has always been “Per Aspera ad Astra” meaning “through hardships to the stars”. The main point is that nothing in life comes easy and if you want to get something you should work hard to get it. For example, if you just say I want to become a musician, but don’t do anything to learn how to play a musical instrument you will never succeed. Only hardworking, persistence, and dedication can help to reach anything in this life.

However, the most valuable advice that she taught me is never to give up. There is a saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” meaning if a person doesn’t make any effort, he will never make a progress. If you can’t succeed in something from the first attempt, try again and again until you succeed. If one door closes, another one will open.

I know that life is a great teacher, but my mother on her example showed me how to cope with the obstacles we face every day and what to do to get rewarded at the end. She is also the role model of how to become a person everyone will be proud of.

In our descriptive paper example which is shorter than a regular essay, we used a climatic pattern moving from the least to the most important feature. Make sure to know all the details, like word count, before you start writing, so in this case, you will avoid double work.

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