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Dissertation Editing Service

Editing your dissertation is just as important as writing it. And at affordable prices, you could get qualified experts to proofread your paper. With Uwriterpro, prices start from just $12 per page.

Rely On The Best Dissertation Editing Services

Uwriterpro has various writing professionals who specialize in different academic fields. These PhD writers are willing to edit your dissertation for you at very affordable rates. PhD candidates have a great deal of faith in our custom dissertation writing service. This is true for many reasons:

  • Privacy Policy

Your details are kept safe. No one else can see your information or the content we send to you. We assure you that your communication between our editor and customer support is confidential and professional. 

  • Original Content

We offer the best editing services for your dissertation based on what you tell us. The editor will change what needs to be changed, but your unique voice as a writer will still come through. This way, your work remains your work. Our editors only help bring out the best in it.

  •  Timely Delivery

We let you set a due date for your dissertation. We'll follow it, and our editors will send the edited content to you on time. Our editors are professionals and can even take urgent orders.

  • Expert Team

Only editors who have been trained can offer high-quality editing services for PhD dissertations. We'll put you in touch with an editor with an advanced degree. They understand how a good paper should look.

  • Affordable Prices

We offer low prices for editing your dissertation, starting at just $12 per page. New customers get at least a 10% discount. Our existing customers are not left out as we also offer promo codes and discounts to all customers. 

  • Money-back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your work, or it was delivered past the required date. We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

What Does A Dissertation Editor Do In UWriterPro

Our editors at Uwriterpro help all our students excel in their academics. With their expertise and experience, these editors will help you edit, format and even clarify your sentence structures. This way, your paper will be in the best form possible. Here are some of the ways our dissertation editors at UwriterPro will help you:

  • Editing

Our editors will check your work for grammar errors and punctuation misuse and may change your style to be more acceptable to the university. 

  • Plagiarism Checker

We conduct plagiarism checks on your papers after editing for errors to ensure the content is completely original.

  • Citation

Of course, plagiarism checks are not complete without citation: Our experts understand the various citation styles and will ensure your citation corresponds to the field, the university and the source of information.

  • Formatting

When the editing and reviewing are complete, the editor will proofread your work. At this stage, your professional editor will check for formatting mistakes and wrong presentation style choices.

Why Hire Professional Editing Help For Dissertation

Students often struggle with tight schedules and little time for extracurricular activities. This pressure can leave you frustrated and confused, especially when you're working on a big project such as a Dissertation. Some reasons why you need to hire professional editing help:

A different outlook

Dissertations are often very long academic papers that need hours or even months of research. So, getting a different set of eyes to review your work is very important before sending it in for final approval.

It is usually difficult for writers to revisit their work and edit it after spending so much time writing. So, it's a good idea to have a professional editor review your work and give you feedback.

Tight deadlines

As a graduate student, chances are you have more than one dissertation to write. These projects may be so huge for the little time that you’re given to finish them up.

Researching, writing and editing are huge tasks that take up crucial time. Hence, it would be best to consider getting a professional editing service.

Stress and Frustration

Daily activities such as school work, family, friends and your job can leave you feeling very fagged out and confused. Under such pressure, it would be counterproductive to edit such huge pieces of work on your own. It would be wise to allow a professional editing service to handle the task.

Skill set requirements

It's not easy to edit a dissertation. Even if you choose to recruit a friend or family member to help you edit, you should remember that they need a lot of knowledge to do it well.  

Using word processors or other writing software is not enough to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. The editor must have an advanced English skill set. Some of such skills include:

  •  Writing skills. The most important parts of good writing are sentence structure, tone, voice, style clarity, transitions, word choice, and syntax.
  •  Strong native English skills - Written English differs from spoken or everyday English. It includes everything about writing, like grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Such advanced English skills are needed for a PhD or doctoral thesis.
  • A clear understanding of the style manual. Every dissertation paper must follow a certain style manual. There are many styles, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and many more. Some fields follow the AP style. Also, students must write sociology and psychology papers in the APA format. Each university has its own rules for how to format papers. So, it is important to follow such rules strictly.

All of these things are needed for you to be able to explain your idea clearly. Uwriterpro’s dissertation editing services will help you turn your dissertation into a finished paper, ready for submission.

 Our experts make sure that when you buy a paper, you get one with a clear style and good sentence structure on time. We pay a lot of attention to getting projects done faster.


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What Is The Difference Between Proofreading And Copy Editing?

Proofreading and Copy-editing are two crucial steps of the revision process. So, you must make sure you do both of these before releasing that doctoral thesis for publication or for submission. Also, it would help if you remembered that copy editing comes before proofreading.

These two terms are related, but they are not the same processes. Here’s why:

Copy Editing

Copy Editing is the first step of the revision process. At this stage, the editor checks for errors in the texts, such as:

  • Punctuation errors
  • Grammar mistakes like wrong use of tenses and verbs
  • Misspellings
  • Poor writing style, e.g. misuse of jargon

The copy editor may also choose to rewrite the paper and fix any or all of these problems. This way, the paper will be free of errors and will be much cleaner for publication. Copy editing can take several revisions until the piece is of top quality.


Proofreading, on the other hand, is done just before the submission or publication of the paper. At this stage, the serious copy editing and revision tasks have been completed. This is because the proofreader doesn't really suggest any major changes to the text. The proofreader checks for:

  • Typographical errors
  • Formatting errors
  • Presentation and design choices

The proofreader uses an already finished paper as a guide for checking these papers. Hence, this is the final stage of the revision process. Both stages are extremely vital and must be handled by professionals.

What Do You Get From Our Dissertation Editing Services?

The benefits of using UwriterPro dissertation editing services are myriad. Regardless, here are some benefits you will get from our service:

  • Excellent Content

The most important thing you'll get from a dissertation editing service is content that is free of mistakes. After spending so much time, energy, and money on your project, you can't afford to turn in a paper with mistakes because your instructor may ask you to revise your work, which will take up more of your time.

  • Expert Help

It's much easier for a professional editor who isn't biased to see what's missing and what should be left out. With our help, your dissertation will be free of mistakes and have a better chance of getting you a degree.

  • Quality Delivery

Our editors will improve your paper's style, format, and quality. We will assign your work to an editor that is experienced in that field. They will look at the content from the point of view of a reader.


No matter what field of study you are in, our dissertation editors are ready to help you. If you trust us to finish your thesis, our experts will keep working until you are satisfied with the paper.


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F.A.Q About Our Dissertation Editing Service

Editing is not always easy for the writer who has written so many pages and so many words. So, it is best to hire a professional service that can thoroughly edit your work. You can even ask your friend to help you edit your paper. But, they must be qualified and experienced in editing.

Writing is not complete without editing. Some may even argue that editing is more important than writing. So, it would be best if you took editing very seriously, especially at your graduate level. A dissertation editor will help you thoroughly detect errors(in formatting, grammar, etc.) and guide you to improve your writing skills

Dissertation editing can cost as low as $12 per page. However, prices will vary depending on the type of service you choose. For example, prices will vary depending on the writer's qualification, the dissertation's length, and the urgency of the order.

To place an order for dissertation editing, you must fill out a short form on the Uwriterpro website. After submitting your form, customer support representatives from Uwriterpro will reach out to you on the next steps to take.

A dissertation can have as many as 100 pages or more. Hence, editing such volumes could take a much longer time compared to shorter dissertations or academic write-ups. Nonetheless, our experts will work with your deadlines and work accordingly. An edit and revision can take between a couple of days to about a month.




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