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Do you have qualified experts to write my Literature Review?

All our experts are highly qualified. All of them have huge research experience. You give us the task of writing a literature review, and our manager evaluates its complexity and selects the best author to complete it. 

What usually is the length of a Lit Review?

The volume of the literature review depends on the type of research work: in a term paper, it can take only two or three paragraphs, while for a PhD dissertation, reviews of several pages are typical. The average length of a literature review for a PhD dissertation should be approximately 20-25 pages, while for a research proposal it can be 1-2 pages. However, in this matter, the requirements of the teacher or supervisor should be taken into account.

What does your Literature Review Writing Service include?

The service includes careful selection of sources in relevant scientific databases, their comprehensive analysis, and formulation of conclusions, with the description of existing research gaps. If required by the specifics of topic or task details, we select and analyze sources in specialized industry databases, official documents repositories, archives, materials from business publications and consulting companies, etc.

How to get Literature Review done?

You place an inquiry with UWritersPro. 2. We analyze it and offer you the details of cooperation and the cost. We discuss and sign the contract. 3. You make an advance payment and we get to work. 4. Upon completion, you pay the rest of the amount and receive a ready-made excellent literature review.

How is the work process of my Literature Review Writing by your Service?

After all the details are agreed upon and you have made an advance payment, our expert starts working. Our rules for writing a literature review can be reflected in the following points:

  1. Studying the array of literature on the topic and selecting relevant sources for inclusion in the review.
  2. Identification of the main content of these sources, their comprehensive analysis.
  3. Comparison of several views, opinions of representatives of various scientific schools and trends.
  4. Identification of shortcomings and gaps in the existing theory; formulation of conclusions.
  5. Formatting the text using the appropriate citation rules.
  6. Providing you with the finished work

How Much Do People Pay for Literature Review Writing Service?

It all depends on the specialty, topic, volume and level of work – the price will be different for a regular student assignment for writing a literature review and a literature review for a PhD dissertation. The price is always negotiated individually. We apply a flexible approach to each client, taking into account all your needs. 

Is it safe to use UWriterPro to Write My Lit Review for me?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. UWriterPro guarantees confidentiality of your personal data and non-disclosure of the details of our cooperation. We always do our best to provide our clients with the highest level of service in complete confidentiality. Our company strictly adheres to the principles of ethics and academic integrity. We sincerely hope you will like our service!

How Can I Pay To Write My Literature Review?

After placing inquiry and discussing all the details of the assignment, you will get the price proposition from us. You can choose the most convenient payment system for you – then we will provide you with the details for payment, and you can pay.

Can I order only part of the literature review?

Yes, we can write both entire sections of literature review and their individual parts. All conditions of cooperation in this case are preserved: confidentiality, quality assurance, uniqueness of the text.

Custom Literature Review Writing Service

Get professionally done literature review from the best experts at UWriterPro!

Any Subjects Professional Literature Review Writing an Affordable Price

It is not so easy to write a high-quality literature review. It is not enough to list several authors and limit yourself to the phrase – good / bad. The depth and importance of the study depends on how the sources are worked out. This work can take a lot of time. Literature review is considered an essential part of any scientific research. This is a section (or separate paper) that contains all the important information required for scientific work. The review contains:
  • drawing parallels between different studies;
  • description of distinctive and similar features;
  • reflection of the student’s subjective position from the point of view contained in the sources;
  • emphasizing the importance of the paper’ topic;
  • reflection of whether the issue has been studied from all sides, and what are the gaps in the theory.
Sometimes, students, due to a lack of experience, identify literature review with a critique. The main difference is that the critique does not analyze the comparison with other similar studies on the topic, while literature review writing does not imply specific description of the books or articles and a ‘list’ of emotions from what is read. The main purpose of the literature review is to describe what work has already been carried out on the selected topic, how much or little has been done, and also how important it is for the student to participate in considering the topic further. Practice shows that one of the following procedures for writing a literature review is the best fit (which one – you need to decide according to the situation):
  1. Using a logical approach, the author writes subsections of literature review describing the objects of research, characterizes the relationship with various aspects and segments of science and practice, and describes the significance for society.
  2. Using a chronological approach, the author presents the materials in historical sequence, describes turning points, and reveals contribution to the overall concept.
A good literature review is characterized by an analytical rather than an abstract presentation. That is, it is important to describe not only the works themselves and their authors, but to link such literature to their own research. Such a connection should help to identify problem areas, to reveal the objectives of the study. Remember, with UWiterPro, you can have a literature review as quickly as possible, like any other paper. We are your reliable assistants, executors, partners and consultants. We will gladly prepare for you a literature review on any discipline and topic!

What Do We Provide with Comprehensive Lit Review Service?

The literature review is not just a list of the literature used during the work on the paper. It is an analysis of the sources used, the formulation of the main ideas, trends, the use of material to substantiate the theoretical basis of the study. The first step to writing a review of sources is the selection of the sources themselves. As a rule, these must necessarily be scholarly sources. The selection of sources for the review should not be random – the literature should clearly correspond to the research topic. What specifically needs to be written about sources is an individual matter – it all depends on the research topic, chronological framework, purpose, subject and object. Here is a list of what is recommended to pay attention to when writing an analytical review of the literature:
  • the significance of the work for the development of the field of knowledge;
  • the degree of disclosure of your chosen problem in the work;
  • date of publication of the work and its relevance;
  • the degree of trust of the scientific community to the author and his works.
It will be an advantage if you not only describe several sources, but also compare some of them with each other and highlight the key ideas for your research in them. This way you will demonstrate that you really have a theoretical background and are aware of what has been done in a particular field of knowledge before you. What does a ready literature review look like? In the process of preparing a literature review, our experts will use diverse sources on your topic: conference proceedings, fundamental scientific works, academic periodicals will help in creating a document based on the objective results of scientific predecessors.

What information will be present in the finished literature review:

  • An objective presentation of the conducted research. Our author-expert will describe in detail the essence of the current problems/global tasks inherent in the industry under study, systematize the data obtained by researchers during the experiments, and substantiate the results based on information from selected sources.
  • Information about scientific schools. We will group the sources according to their affiliation with scientific schools, highlight their main characteristics, and briefly describe the most significant developments in this area.
  • Evaluation of research results. In the final part of the literature review, the progress of research and experiments on the topic of work is indicated and a brief description of the results obtained is given, together with the existing research gaps.

What Types Of Literature Reviews Do We Write

Despite the fact that a literature review is usually included in the introduction to a research paper, a separate chapter can be allocated for it. However, in this case, one should approach the study of sources more responsibly and include in the review a detailed description of the main theses contained in the works. The review of literature is strictly evaluated both in terms of content and correctness of structure and citation style. This aspect cannot be ignored. The main types of literature reviews are evaluative and research ones
  • An evaluative (critical) review is aimed at a critical analysis of the sources. Thus, this type of review shows that the author has carried out intensive investigation on the work being reviewed.
  • In a research literature review, the author introduces readers to the context of his research and/or its theoretical basis. It is important that the literature review considers the literature relevant to the research topic and justifies the choice of this particular literature.
  • There is also a third type, the systematic review. It is often considered as a separate kind of research work, but is essentially a literature review focused on a research question that attempts to identify, evaluate, select, and summarize all high-quality scientific evidence and arguments relevant to the subject.
  • meta-analysis is a type of systematic review that uses statistical methods to effectively combine data from all selected studies to obtain a more reliable result.
These types of reviews are used most often in disciplines related to medicine and nursing, but can be used in other disciplines as well. UWritersPro experts will prepare for you even the most difficult types of literature reviews!

We Guarantee High Level Of Expertise Of Literature Review Writers

The review of sources is a rather time-consuming task, due to the need to thoroughly study works to include in the list of references. Moreover, when writing a literature review, the student is required to demonstrate high-quality analytics and abstracting skills (highlighting and retelling the main provisions of the work). Are you frustrated, feeling that it will be difficult for you to cope with this task? UWriterPro experts will help you! We will take care of all your worries in preparing a good literature review! All of our authors are recognized experts in their field and will be happy to apply their experience and knowledge to help you produce an excellent literature review.

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