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The life of an academic or even any person who writes often is chock-full of surprises. Sometimes, when you write your paper, you discover that, in fact, someone else has written similar words like yours long before you. Also, maybe you hired a writer who turned in a paper that was nearly a replica of another paper on the internet. As you might expect, we’re discussing “plagiarism.” Whether deliberate or unintentional, it always results in anger and disappointment. You could waste time, money, and resources and even lose your job. But don’t be alarmed! There are several advanced plagiarism checking software available today that can detect even little portions of duplicated content. The UwriterPro plagiarism checker is one of these aids. Below, we’ll look at how this incredible tool can help you make your papers more valuable and remarkable, among other things. Let’s get started!

Plagiarism Types You Should Know

Do you recall a time when you produced an essay from scratch, and your college plagiarism checker returned a dismal result? It’s not because you copied but because several forms of writing are based on multiple sources. Understandably, this results in a few varieties of plagiarism that your tool may detect.
  • Complete Copying And Pasting
The most blatant form of plagiarism is when a written item is exactly or nearly identical to the source’s piece. There is no rewriting in this sort of plagiarism, only copying.
  • Direct Copy And Paste
Here, the copied sections are provided as quotes, citations, and references. This type of plagiarism is similar to the type above. It is not forbidden to utilize them if the sources are cited (author’s name, paper’s edition, etc.).
  • Paraphrasing
One of the rewriting strategies is to just use synonyms and make minor modifications to wording. An essay plagiarism checker can detect it, and it might also be a problem in your work if you need an original document.
  • Auto- and self-plagiarism
It might be a complete or a partial copy-paste of your work. Self-plagiarism occurs when a writer cites their own paper (auto-plagiarism). It is also not illegal if used correctly.
  • Source-based problems
This type of plagiarism is one of the strangest examples. Source-based plagiarism can happen if you aren’t good at citing your sources. Nonetheless, the essay plagiarism checker is designed to assist you because it displays all sources you used via citations!
  • Insufficient Evidence Of Authorship
This dangerous situation arises when you have no rights to the paper utilized, or your license is insufficient or is expired. Be cautious because you may encounter legal complications with the material owner. Always double-check the rights and licenses you hold or participate in.
  •  “Puzzle” Work
Most online reviews function by gathering information about a topic in one location. Instead of rewriting all of these things in their own words to create a unique piece of paper, a few students simply duplicate little portions into one page, similar to a puzzle. Fortunately, UWriterPro’s free plagiarism checker can also detect such works.
  • Unintentional plagiarism
As previously stated, we sometimes write a paper based on our unique experience and knowledge, so we don’t bother checking for plagiarism. However, we should because much of the data we use is not unique to us; for example, many people read the same books and newspapers, watch TV shows and YouTube videos, and so on.

Why Is Checking For Plagiarism Important?

Plagiarism can cause many problems, including legal, moral, professional, and personal.
  • The first group(i.e., the first two kinds of plagiarism) is the worst because the consequences can lead to incarceration.
  • The second set breaks the rules about respecting the intellectual property of authors, which lowers the value of the copied work and the credibility of the people who made it.
  • The third set(5th and 6th) directly affects your academic and career growth. If you get caught plagiarizing, getting a letter of recommendation or a grant to keep working on your project or start a new one will be hard.
  • The last set(7th and 8th) risks soiling the author’s reputation. People around you, your friends, family, and colleagues lose their trust in you, which is bad for your reputation.
More so, you may be exposed to different kinds of harassment, such as mobbing and trolling, which can hurt your well-being and mental health. Plagiarism is especially bad for people who are just starting out in their careers. In the future, you might not have any more chances, especially if there were a court case. Also, you may lose any royalties or financial benefits that you were supposed to get from that writing project, and you would still have to pay big fines.

How Do I Keep From Plagiarizing?

It’s easy to avoid all of these terrible risks. Here’s what you need to do:
  • First, make a rule that you will never copy again. If you use someone else’s idea or need to quote them, make sure to follow the citation rules.
  • Second, before you start writing an essay, read the sources you plan to use. This will help you learn what’s already there and express your ideas in your own way.
  • Third, don’t forget to use tools that check for plagiarism to see if your writing is already out there. It’s so easy!
  • If you have full control over the first two, we can help you with the third. Read on to learn how to use our plagiarism-checking tools at UwriterPro.

Who Needs a Tool To Check For Plagiarism?

The real question should be, “Who doesn’t need one,” We all need a tool to check for plagiarism. Today, everyone works with text in some way, whether on paper or online. Let’s look at a list of fields and jobs where it’s important to know how to check an essay for plagiarism.
  • All kinds of digital businesses
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Lawyers
  • Scientists and lab workers
  • Small business owners
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • The publishing industry
  • University employees
  • Writers and so many more
Don’t be afraid to tell everyone you work with, “Check my paper for plagiarism.” This is a sure way to avoid getting in trouble where you work or go to school.

How Does Uwriterpro Help With These And Other Problems With Writing Essays?

In the process of writing an essay, there are problems with grammar and the way the paper is laid out(formatted). It’s great when one tool can solve several problems at once. The professionals on the UWriterPro team can help you write, edit, check for plagiarism, and proofread your papers, whether they are about science or fiction. They are native English speakers with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees who can look over your papers and advise you if you need them. Among other things, they offer:
  • Plagiarism report – Turnitin
  • Cover Page
  • Bibliography page
  • Free revisions
  • APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian formatting
  • Free consultation with support staff before you place an order.

Why Must You Order Writing Tasks Online?

Whether it’s a small student assignment or a big scientific project, creative work takes a lot of time and resources. Routine work is not creative work. This means that when you’re writing, you should focus on the idea of your presentation, essay, or article and not spend hours looking for the right plagiarism detector. The tools on UwriterPro, such as the plagiarism checker and other writing tools, are meant to help you be more productive and keep you from getting burned out. When you choose to check a paper for plagiarism, hire a team for the fastest, most impossible essay writing task, or get advice from a qualified writer with a degree in a few minutes, you take advantage of the resources that help you soar! You can see the difference between people who can’t handle pressure and those who trust professionals to do their jobs in the best way. The first group can’t do well because it’s hard for them to pay attention to all the details. Furthermore, you might miss something important as doing everything yourself delays your success for an undetermined amount of time. So it’s always better to work with a large team than to try to do everything yourself.

Alright, But How Much Does This Service Cost?

Oh, don’t be afraid! Prices are much lower than they could be! You only pay about $9 for high school work and about $19 for Ph.D. work. You can also get a discount code and extras. Here are some of them:
  • “Refer a friend” promo code discounts and bonuses;
  • Seasonal and occasional offers (we usually do this via email!);
  • 5% off for each review on Trustpilot.
So, as you can see, working hard and wasting so much time and energy on routine is not worth it. Talk to the UWriterPro team anytime, day or night, and focus on your creativity.


Can I check my essay for free to see if it has been copied?

Of course, our online plagiarism checker is free to use any time, any day.

Can I see where I got the information for my paper?

Yes, the similarity index checker in the plagiarism checker tool can find even small pieces of content you used from different sources.

Can your team give me free advice before I pay for their services?

Sure! Our specialists are ready to help you 24/7. Just reach out to us as soon as possible.

What should I do if I don't know how to write an essay?

First things first, don’t be afraid! We’ll start from scratch to write it. If so, all you need to do is give a subject. Just check out our essay writing services, and you’ll have a high-quality essay in no time.

Are the essays that your team writes free of plagiarism?

Our papers are always completely original. Our writers understand that you need unique essays, so they write them from scratch for you.

The text you've sent doesn't meet all my requirements. Can you go back and fix it?

Sure, we can! We offer unlimited revisions for the first two weeks. So hurry up!

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