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Start typing or copying your material and paste it into the box below to utilize this word count checker. Click the button below to find out how many words and characters are in your text. You may use the Word Counter Tool to determine how many words are in your text. It may be used to determine the number of words in your text. Any writer may benefit from the Term Counter Tool, whether they’re using it to check their spelling or want a quick way to ensure they’re using the appropriate word.

Fast Word Counter tool 

You can count words in Microsoft Word documents using the UWriter word counter tool. It counts the words, phrases, and paragraphs in your papers and shows how long they are. Our word counter tool may be used for:
  • Determine how many words are in a document.
  • Count the sentences in a piece of writing.
  • How many paragraphs are there in a document?
Tracking your word count is made easy with the aid of the UWriter Word Counter. It may be used to count the number of times a word appears in a document or to verify its word count. Even while you type, it will keep track of a word’s frequency in your work.  

Why Should You Use an Online Word Counter?

Online word counters are the best option for anyone who wants to keep track of their words and characters but does not use Microsoft Word. Imagine counting each word you write by hand! Not only would it take forever, but there’s a chance you could not be completely correct. Furthermore, with technology like ours at our disposal, who wants to squander time counting a long piece of paper? Utilize the new online word counter provided by UWriter to count the words. An ingenious word count calculator returns results in a split second.

How it functions

You must copy and paste the words you wish to be tallied into the box on the screen while using this application. After that, select “Count Words.” The words in your paper will now start to be counted. When done, it will display the total number of words in your text and their locations. This tool may be used in one of two ways: by word count or character count. Only words are counted in the first choice, whereas both words and characters are counted in the second. Visit our UWriter word counting tool to verify the word count of your work for you.  

The era of word counter tools is here!

The age of word counts is currently upon us. If you have been writing words, whether you are conscious of it or not, you have been dealing with text counts, from social media character limits to long document requirements in business settings.
  • Facebook would not allow you to post anything longer than 63,206 characters, and it would not even allow you to comment using more than 8,000 characters.
  • The 30 hashtags on Instagram are roughly how many. Even the limited 2,200 characters they provide for your Instagram captions are cut off after only 125.
  • Twitter used to cap our characters to 140 but subsequently increased it to 280.
Always stay on topic, ensuring your material stays within the parameters of those appropriate structures, to avoid unintentionally having to reduce or enlarge your subject phrases back and forth to meet certain needs. You need a textual content counter device for it to happen. However, a word counter does more than helping you count the characters in your social media submissions.    

Why UWriter’s Word Count Checker Is Different

Although there are other word count checkers for essays and short stories available, none of them provide the same versatility and personalization as UWriter. You may keep track of the word count for your essays and reports with the Word Count Checker from UWriter. In addition to word count, it also does the following tasks:
  • It displays the total number of characters, both with and without spaces, and words.
  • The total number of paragraphs, average word length, average sentence length, the total number of sentences, and unique word count may all be examined.
  Word Count Checker may also be used to verify a variety of various document types, such as:
  • Essay
You may count the words you use in each section and see how frequently specific terms occur in your writing.
  • Reports
Add up all the numbers in a report with this tool. Additionally, you can view the length of each section and the frequency with which particular terms are used.
  • Bulleted Lists
This tool will assist you in keeping track of the number of things included with each bullet point and the frequency with which each item appears throughout your report or essay.

We Value Our Users’ Right to Privacy!

We are dedicated to preserving our users’ information and respecting their privacy rights. Your information will never be traded or sold to any parties. We don’t track or retain any data about how you use this tool. We place a strong emphasis on openness when it comes to word-count tools. At UWriterPro, we ensure that this information is never kept on our systems or sent to anybody other than the program you’re using. Our tool’s sole purpose in using your data is to assist you in keeping track of the terms in your content.

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