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Don’t know where to go when your fiction Novel and EBook writing has a dull attire or you are confused whether it would have an impactful nature on its reader. UwriterPro got you covered. With almost a variety of versatile writers that have innovative and refreshing aspect of writing fiction and making your novel look as if it was curated in heaven.

Our Editors Able to Edit a Wide Range of Fiction, Including Novels of Any Length

You have found the proper spot if you are looking for a qualified fiction editor platform who is capable of elevating the quality of your work to the next level. The fiction editors at UwriterPro may assist you in polishing up your work so that it is prepared for publication. Any mistakes in syntax, grammar, spelling, or punctuation will be detected and rectified. Our fiction editors will scrutinize your work in great depth, correcting any factual mistakes, inconsistencies, or contradictions that they find along the way. They will check your work for inconsistencies and make any necessary corrections, as well as ensure that your ideas are completely developed from start to finish. The fiction editors at UwriterPro put the final touches on your book so that it is its very finest version possible. You should begin your search for a fiction editor as soon as possible and see if you can discover the ideal person for your book.

Need an Expert Novel Editor? We Find for You Perfect Editor Who Specializes in Romance Novels and Novellas

Our Novel and fiction book editors at UwriterPro are the most qualified in the industry when it comes to fiction. Not only do we have years of expertise, comprehensive training, and a true enthusiasm for writing, but we also have authors and publishing experts on our team. This gives us a competitive advantage in the writing industry. This provides us with the information that we need to assist you in getting your manuscript ready for publication.

When you upload a manuscript to our website, we will choose a seasoned book editor who will polish your writing while ensuring that your authorial voice is not lost in the process. We are also adaptable, which means that we can accommodate any particular needs that you may have.


However, the following are included in our regular book editing services:

  • Addressing issues related to punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors
  • Evaluating the design of the sentences to guarantee readability
  • Examining the wording and the tone for any irregularities
  • Bringing to light problems with the organization or the narrative
  • Providing constructive criticism on the author's writing style


We are aware of how important it is for you to have the ultimate word on your work. As a result of this, after we have done editing your manuscript, we will offer you with two copies of the revised version:

  • A "Clean" copy of the document saved in its original file format
  • A copy of the tracked changes in Microsoft Word.


In this second copy, we will underline every modification that we make so that you may go over every alteration whenever it is convenient for you to do so. We are able to modify our workflow so that it is compatible with the file format that you are using, even if it does not support the Track Changes feature.


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How We Work With Authors

UwriterPro takes great pleasure in the team of carefully selected industry professionals that we have assembled. We have created a multi-level screening process for any newbie who is interested in joining our team in order to preserve the reputation we have worked so hard to earn. It is not enough to have practical experience as well as academic qualifications in writing for academic purposes. We are looking for a skilled professional who is driven by a strong desire to succeed and who is motivated to improve with each new assignment.

First and foremost, we anticipate that our next writer will have a degree from an accredited university and have at least two years of experience in the field of custom writing. These prerequisites must be satisfied by each and every candidate for the writer post. If this is not the case, we will immediately reject the application.

The following step is an examination of one's subject-matter expertise as well as their command of the English language. Another condition that must be met in order to become a member of our team is to possess exceptional expertise in the relevant field. The test is passed with flying colors by eighty percent of the applicants.

The personal interview constitutes the third step. A qualified professional who has the requisite hard and soft abilities might be described as a competent fiction writer. A one-on-one encounter gives us the opportunity to locate writers who are adaptable and extroverted, who have excellent time management skills, and who have a true enthusiasm for writing. Only Thirty five percent of those who apply go on to the next stage.

The surviving candidates have one more opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and capacity to deal with actual orders by completing a guest assignment that serves as the final proof-test. Only 12% of students manage to achieve the highest possible performance and finish an error- and plagiarism-free work of the highest possible quality.

Why Should You Choose Us for Novel Proofreading and Editing Services?

Our writers are the backbone of proofreading and editing your work with exceptional qualities and there is a major procedure as to how we collaborate with our Novel Writers.

  • Editing that may be personalized

If you decide to use our editing service, when you submit your document, you will have the opportunity to identify the audience, tone, and goal of your writing, among other things. This will guarantee that your work for proofreading editing is adjusted to meet your specific requirements and has the greatest possible effect on the individuals who read it. You won't have to worry if you have certain editing criteria that aren't stated since you'll be able to leave a personalized note for your editor to let them know precisely what it is that you want.

  • Ease on your pocket expenses

The cost of our services is reasonable and easy to understand since it is directly proportional to the length of the text you need edited. You may get a quick price estimate by using our pricing calculator, and you can relax knowing that the proofreading and editing services you purchase from us will be of the highest possible quality at the most affordable price available on the market.

  • Communication with the Editor

During the time that your editor is working on your paper, the support staff that we provide may assist you in communicating with that editor. If there is any extra information that you would want to provide to your editor after you have uploaded it, please let us know and we will provide it to them as soon as possible.

  • Relative Field Experts

Because our staff comprises 750 editors with experience across a broad variety of fields, we are always able to pair you with the most qualified editor for your writing project, regardless of whether you need assistance with a collection of essays or a fiction book.

  • 24-Hour Technical Support

Our customer service representatives are on by around the clock to respond to any queries or issues you may have about the status of your purchase. This ensures that you will never be in the dark, regardless of the location you are in or the time of day it is.


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F.A.Q About Fiction Book Editing Services

Copy editing addresses issues with grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and adherence to language structure or dialect (US English vs. UK English), as well as the elimination of non-native language structure. Developmental editing addresses these issues, as well as in-depth fact checking, flow, and clarity, in addition to the issues addressed in copy editing.

We match the need and area of expertise needed to acquire the knowledge and capabilities of your document that needs to be proofread. All of our writers have thorough experience in proofreading and rewriting documents novel fiction.

Before beginning work with us, each of our proofreaders goes through an intensive training procedure provided by now a days. During this training, they gain knowledge in the areas of academic editing, business editing, and creative editing.

Because a significant proportion of our editors also have master's degrees or doctoral degrees, this means that we have specialists in a wide variety of fields and that we can always match your work with the ideal proofreader. In addition, we have a wealth of expertise; many of our most senior proofreaders have collectively corrected over 10 million words.

We ensure that any document with up to 10,000 words will be returned to you within 24 hours if you take advantage of our Next-Day Guarantee, which comes at no additional cost to you. After that, we tack on an additional twenty-four hours for every subsequent chunk of ten thousand words (e.g., we guarantee to return a document between 10,001 and 20,000 words within 48 hours).

We charge a standard pricing per word in addition to a minimum fee for each individual document (equivalent to 1,000 words for most document types or 1 slide for presentations).

Visit our price page to get an estimate of how much proofreading or editing your document will cost, or submit it right now to get a quotation that's personalized to your specific needs.

When you use our formatting service, our goal is to operate according to the specific specifications that you provide. We adhere to a house formatting standard when there are no particular instructions provided, and our first concern is that the content of your paper be understandable, coherent, and unambiguous.

Please let us know if you believe that the formatting that was applied does not follow the guidelines or style guide that you supplied, and we will look into the issue.

You can put your trust in us and we would never disappoint. UwriterPro have made the life of almost 1000+ students by making their papers properly read, thoroughly researching and proofreading.




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