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Fiction Ghostwriting Services At Affordable Cost

Get top-quality fiction stories done by qualified experts at the best possible prices. We deliver great stories in no time.

Need To Hire Fiction Ghost Writers? Ask Us!

We have a quality team of experienced ghostwriters passionate about fiction writing. Our writers are ready and eager to help you bring your story ideas into real life and into your readers' hands.

Our Fiction Writing Service Genres Include

Our professional freelance writers at Essaybrother can help with various kinds of stories. This is because we have numerous writers specializing in many writing niches to help with your needs.

We do this because we understand that you may want a story or book for only a particular group of readers. Here are some of the niches we write:

  • Children/Young-Adult: Our writers can assist you if you want a story for kids or young adults. 'Our ghostwriters for hire' can craft stories that are suitable for different age groups.
  • Ø  Horror: Thinking of writing a scary, supernatural tale, or a gory thriller, you should choose us as your fiction ghostwriting service. Our writers can keep your readers spooked and entertained at the same time.
  • Thriller/Suspense: Some best-selling fiction authors write about detectives who solve mysteries. These stories are in the niche of suspense and thrillers. As the name suggests, these books make the reader feel like they are in the middle of a mystery.

We know that a good thriller should never get old. In the thriller genre, there has to be something that shocks the reader. We offer the best-ghostwriting services because we know what makes a good thriller or suspense story.

  • Romance: Romance fiction is the top option for many people. These stories are mostly about two characters who are in a relationship or want one. Most of the time, the story is about the problems they face and the things they give up to be with each other.
  • Drama: Drama is a flexible genre that can blend with almost all the others. This is because drama makes stories much more interesting and entertaining. Our writers can help you create such pieces, be it family dramas, romance dramas, etc.
  • Action/Adventure: These stories involve the daring adventures of one or more characters as they undergo certain challenges and try to overcome them. Our ghostwriters who work in this genre know that the story should move quickly. It should be full of twists, turns, and a satisfying end.
  • Ø  Fantasy: Whether you look at the present or the past, many popular books are about fantasy. They are all about imagination and creativity. The key to writing a good fantasy book is to be as detailed as possible. Our ghostwriters have a good way with words that helps them paint a picture and bring ideas to life so your readers can experience your fantasy world.
  • Satire: Our ghostwriters can help you create stories using figures of speech like irony and sarcasm to convey a deep message to your readers.
  • Science Fiction: In this niche, writers imagine a world that is very different from today’s own. The books are either set in the future or in the past. The key is to think of technologies that we can only think of. But it should be a little bit true to life.

Why Should You Choose Our Fiction Ghostwriting Services?

Whatever novel, story, or writing project you may be working on, it would be helpful to use our fiction ghostwriting services. Here’s why:

  • We are a top ghostwriting company with over two decades of service, so you can count on us to give you excellent papers.
  • We talk to all our customers to find out what they want and what details can help us make the plot just the way they would like it.
  • We aim to keep our customers happy and get more people to read what they write.
  • At very reasonable prices, we offer the best help and push for excellence in all of our work.
  • Our team of expert ghostwriters improves our delivery and writing services in ways no one else can match, making us stand out.


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    Will assign the best expert for your paper
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How The Fiction Writing Service’s Process Works

Our ghostwriters are professionals and will ensure you get an impressive story that you can publish or use in other ways. Here’s how the process goes:

  1. Place an order: The first step of the process is to choose us and make an order with us. When placing an order, you’ll need to fill out a simple form to give the ghostwriter all the order details. As soon as you contact us, one of our friendly support staff will greet you right away to discuss more details you may need concerning your book.
  2. Story Plotting/Outlines: The best ghostwriter for the job is chosen based on the skills needed for your book. This writer will thoroughly research the idea or requirement you gave in your order form and make an outline. At this point, you can decide to approve the outline or ask for a revision.
  3. First Drafts: After the outline is approved, the author starts writing the book, starting with a catchy hook to keep readers interested until the last page. If the author is happy with the first chapter, the book goes on according to the outline that has already been approved.
  4. Editing and Proofing: Your assigned ghostwriter will make changes to the draft as they write. These changes are made based on your satisfaction with each draft up till the final draft. Once a draft is written, our editors read through the piece thoroughly to look for mistakes and make changes.
  5. Formatting and Styling: As soon as the manuscript is approved, our editors format it according to publishing standards and add fonts, graphics, and cover designs to make it look professional and appealing to readers. We will make all designs at the discretion of the client.
  6. Publishing and Promotion: After the final manuscript is approved, you could publish your book in the format you want and use a custom marketing plan to get the word out. You could do this with online publishing companies like Kindle, Goodreads, etc.

Hire Our Writers To Create a Well Written Fiction Book!

Writing a fictional story requires a lot of creativity. It involves thinking up unique ideas that are not limited to the real world. Our team of professional writers can make a picture or tell a story in a way that will make readers feel emotions and deep connections to the story and its characters.

Our fiction ghostwriting services add details and exciting characters to keep you interested in the story. No matter how strange the plot seems, our writers are skilled enough to catch the reader's eye and make the story easy to read.

Essaybrother offers the best writing packages and customer service to help you write your book in a way no one else can. We work with you all the way to bring your story ideas to life.

We plan the plot and story arcs from the point of view and needs of your target readers, and we use the right emotions to keep them turning the pages.

Steps To Hire Writer By Our Ghostwriting Service

Choosing our ghostwriting services has a lot of benefits. The best advantage may be how easy it is to make an order and get your story written. Here are the easy steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit our website: Our website is the go-to location to get any creative paper written. Apart from the numerous features we have on our site, you will also find contact lines you can use to reach us at any time.
  2. Calculate your Order price: To get a ghostwritten work online, you should place an order on our site. You can do this by calculating the price based on your needs and filling out the order form with as many details as possible. This way, your ghost writer knows how best to tackle the project.
  3. Pay for your order: You would have to finish paying for your order before you get the complete draft/manuscript. This is because each approved draft would cost you money.
  4. Your Manuscript is Delivered: After the final draft is completed(edited, proofed, formatted, and designed), you will receive the manuscript by the due date.


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F.A.Q About Fiction Writing Service

You need to be actively involved in the process because your writer will send you each draft/chapter for approval. So, you must decide if it is up to your taste.

We leave deadlines in your hands. Longer and more complex books/stories/genres would take much longer to complete, i.e., 2-6 months or longer, while our writers can complete shorter stories much quicker. You would need to contact your support team and discuss this.

Prices vary depending on the length of the book and the extent of research that is needed. It is difficult to say how much a piece would cost, so you would also have to contact our 24/7 customer team and get a quote.

That works too_ because we also offer editing and proofreading services. All you need do is explain everything in your order details, and our support team will assist you quickly.

Our writers are degree professionals who are experienced in the niche they specialize in. This way, they have the English skills, creativity, and technical skills to bring your story to life.




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