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Why is your service cheaper than that offered by other companies?

Just because it is expensive does not mean it is quality. At UWriterPRO, we ensure that quality is affordable, even for newbie writers and indie publishers. We want to help young and established writers publish professionally written manuscripts and that is what our affordable editorial services present. We are confident in the quality of our editing services which rivals any other editing company around.

I need someone who will edit my book at a low price. How to find a book editor as cheap as possible?

UWriterPRO is a professional editing service that ensures your book is edited just right at a price you can afford. We offer a wide range of packages from which you can choose, based on your budget. Each package has been designed to suit the minimalists, premium, or deluxe budget budgets. You don’t have to break your account balance or eat into your retirement savings when you choose UWriterPRO.

How do you select the editors for my order?

The editor selected is based on professionalism, past records, and the type of editing you require. Each of our editors has an area of editing in which they have strong points. If you have requested evaluation editing, we will not give your order to an editor who specializes in line editing. We take pride in the quality of editorial services we deliver and will do nothing to jeopardize your confidence in our work.

How Experienced are your Editors?

All our editors have at least five years of hands-on experience in providing editorial services to clients in all genres of writing. With each of our editors possessing highly specialized certifications in editing, they present a formidable force in the business of providing quality editorial services. Also, our rigorous and detailed selection and hiring process ensure that we have the best editors on our team.

What types of books do UWriterPRO’s experts qualify for editing?

We edit fiction and nonfiction books, religious books, educational books, articles for blogs and websites, etc. essentially, our experts are qualified to edit books in all kinds of book genres that exist. It also does not matter if the grammar is not too good, or if there are a lot of spelling mistakes. That is exactly why you need us and our expert editors are always available to help.

How much time does Book Editing take?

How much time an editor will spend your book depends on

  • The volume of the manuscript
  • The amount of structural and grammatical errors it contains
  • The type of editing you want to be done.

These three things are what our editorial team takes into consideration to give you a ball pack time in which you are to expect your edited manuscript. Otherwise, if you have a stringent timeline, we can also ensure you get a fast-tracked edited manuscript too.

How Much Does it Cost to hire an Affordable Editor for my book?

You can get a good editing service for your book manuscript for as low as $3 per page, depending on the type of editing. It all depends on the type of editing you want and the timeline. For example, if you have a book with 300 pages and you are giving your editorial service about two months or more to edit it, it will cost less than if you wanted it back in about two weeks. That means you should not wait till the deadline is near the corner before you hire a professional editor.

Is your service confidential?

One of the key mottos of our services at UWriterPRO is our confidentiality. When you use our editorial services, you are assured that your identity is anonymous and your manuscript is also protected from being plagiarized.  Our integrity is dear to us and we will not repackage and sell your manuscript. This is part of the confidentiality agreement undertaken before starting work on your project.

Cheap Professional Book Editors in UWriterPRO – Get Excellent Results Fast

Get top-rated experts for your book editing at affordable prices

Types of Cheap Book Editing you can get from us

Authors and novelists generally seek the professional help of expert book editors – as we have at UWriterPRO to make their books, articles, or blog content into something that catches the attention of the right audience. There are times when you read a book that you were floored by the writer’s prowess to communicate the essence of the storyline. Whereas, at other times, you are simply pissed off at whoever wrote the book and you are wondering what the publishers were thinking. It all boils down to good or bad editing. What we are offering at UWriterPRO is the opportunity to convey your desired message to your readers at affordable prices. The following are the types of book editing services you can get from us.
  • Proofreading – proofreading is done to track and correct errors that could have been overlooked in the process of other forms of editing. We are listing this as the first type of editing because it is often the easily overlooked aspect of book editing. Proofreading is the line of defense against errors before final publishing.
As great as other forms of editing are – you will get to find out about them in the rest of this article, without proper proofreading, they could be rendered useless. You need a good proofreader who pays high attention to details for your book to be what you really want when it is eventually published. Before this stage though, your book must have undergone structural editing which includes evaluation, developmental, content, and line editing.
  • Evaluation Editing – this stage is for critiquing a manuscript for correct structuring and content and should come before developmental editing. Without the right content, there will be no reason to develop.
At this stage, the editor is not interested in the grammatical or punctuation correctness of your writing. They are just interested in making sure each section lines up or are necessary for the bigger picture. During evaluation editing, the editor evaluates how the book you have written fits into the right genre. This stage tells you whether your writing is good or needs work.
  • Developmental Editing – this form of editing is all about making sure your story lines up. Most often, writers, especially novelists, have great ideas and they could write as many pages as possible. It is only during developmental editing that they found out what they have written is somehow jumbled with no clear pattern or structure.
Therefore, developmental editing is the earliest form of editing in the writing process. A developmental editor ensures that sentence structures are right, the right tone is set, and punctuations and grammars are correct. This is also the stage for taking out unnecessary parts and fixing new ones to make the book better.
  • Content Editing – this can also be termed ‘full editing’ or ‘substantive editing’. Why? Because the content editor edits as a whole and single entity. While this may often be confused with line editing, they are actually not the same. A content editor does not necessarily have to look at each line but must ensure that each chapter, paragraph, and sentence flows into the next.
In essence, content editing is really developmental editing but with a closer look at the big picture of the book.
  • Line Editing – as the name implies, line editing means doing just that – edit line by line, leaving no ‘word-stone’ unturned. This means that after your developmental and content editor has done justice to the manuscript, then it needs to be edited again, line by line, word for word.
Line editing is all about making sure each sentence flows into each other and unnecessary phrases or words are removed. This stage ensures that the wordings of the book or novel are just right, not too much or less. When line editing is done right, it gives the book a flow that keeps the reader glued to the book till the end!
  • Copy Editing – copy editing should really be done vis-à-vis proofreading. This is because, while checking for spelling mistakes and punctuation errors, grammatical errors can be overlooked.
This step may seem like a waste of time but be rest assured that it is not. line editing ensures that statements are sections that were edited or inserted earlier are actually correct grammatically, no spelling mistakes, and no missing or misplaced punctuations. This process is painstaking but absolutely necessary.

Work With the Best of Book Editors at an Affordable Price

You may be surprised to find that every time you edit a book section or manuscript, there is always something to correct. This is because you are looking at the write-up from a new perspective. This is perhaps the main reason why you should choose to find the best book editors for your book. Each person sees the manuscript with a fresh set of eyes thereby making substantial contributions. Even if you are into self-publishing, getting expert editors is a good way to build the confidence of your target audience in your work. You won’t come across like an amateur. At UWriterPRO, we offer these and more. You get to have professional editors work on your novel ideas to give them a professional outlook.

What is Included in Our Services?

Apart from being affordable and professional, we offer some of the best services in the industry. Some of those include –
  • Substantial editing – we help you critique your book before it gets out. We are essentially helping you protect your writing or authorship image.
  • Developmental editing – per adventure you need to ensure your book is structurally sound, we are here to help you in that regard.
  • Content editing – this is also a structural edit but with a closer look at the flow of your manuscript. Our professional content editors ensure that your manuscript has an enjoyable flow to the reader.
  • Line editing – with line editing, we ensure that your manuscript is grammatically sound with the right wordings and punctuation.
  • Copyediting and proofreading – go hand in hand to ensure that your manuscript is ready for publishing.

Why Should You Choose UWriterPRO?

There are a lot of benefits to choosing our services at UWriterPro.
  • We provide editorial services for all kinds of writing you can think of. These include and are not limited to, novels, religious books, educational and thesis manuscripts, self-help books, memoirs, autobiographies, technical writings, etc.
  • All our editorial services are at affordable prices that will not break your bank balance.
  • Our editors are not your common run-of-the-mill editors, they have been proven and tested. Our rigorous selection and evaluation process sees to that.
  • All our editors have various editing certifications that prove their individual worth. So, it doesn’t matter who you choose, you will still get the best service.
  • We offer professional advice on writing and publishing tricks. This comes as a package deal when you hire our professional editors.
  • Most importantly, we work with your schedule. Do you have a deadline? We’ve got you covered.

Steps to Hire Affordable Book Editor by Our Editing Service

You are here already because you made the right choice. Wondering what to do next? Check the highlights below.
  1.     Determine the type of editorial service you want.
  2.     Select from our editing options and packages.
  3.     Define your timeline – when you expect to get your edited manuscript.
  4.   Make payments. We start writing as soon as your payment is done.
Our editors are efficient and will get right on your work as soon as you finalize the payment. Feel free to also request reviews after reviewing the edited manuscript.

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