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Ghostwriting is a process of writing different content: fiction and non-fiction books, articles, speeches, texts for the sites, blog posts etc. for another person to publish under their own name. Ghosts are the professional writers, who can write anything you need, and they agree to give you all copyrights but not for free. Professional ghostwriting services have all important information about their capabilities and prices.

Celebrities, politicians, musicians often hire a ghostwriter both with editor to write their memoirs, autobiographies, or edit a manuscript. A ghost can write an entire professional book and complete another project by himself, or work in collaboration with a customer. Also, he or she can help with publishing.

Usually such writers remain anonymous, this condition is written in the contract between the writer and the customer. And even if a book of ghostwriter after publishing becomes world famous, he or she will be silent about the authorship. You can easily find leading ghostwriter, who is good in words, with the help of our ghostwriting service.

What do you need a ghostwriter for?

If you have a brilliant idea for a book and even a book cover, or you already have a manuscript but not sure about it, or, probably, you want to be published but don’t know – how to do it, your solution is really easy! It is to hire a ghostwriter – person, who has big writing experience and can turn your ideas into the real project, which will be publishing!

Ghosts usually work not only with the book writing. If you work in the business industry, you may also need a writer, who would create a content for your site, for example: SEO texts, blog posts, business articles etc. Writers of any types you can find with help of our ghostwriting service.

Such writers usually write a high-quality text, they bring the ideas and the knowledge, also transform it all on the page to the great story without taking credit for this. Of course, not for free. But if you plan a book-publishing, at first you need to spend money to have high-quality product, and later you will have your credit and fee for it.

What ghostwriter can do for you

Ghostwriters mostly provide services as: articles, speeches, manuscript, official documents, fiction book, nonfiction book, etc. Ghostwriting is very useful if you already have idea for your book and the manuscript, so an author can help to make it right.

For business

There are also some types of writing content which ghostwriters may do for clients from the business industry. It is formats which are suitable to improve marketing strategy:

Blog posts: if you want to add to your site well-written, deep-researched texts, ghostwriters will do the best of it. Also, it will influence on the marketing and will help with new clients.

Business book: If you have a business, and you are an expert in your sphere, writing and publishing a book is a great way to show yourself in the best way.

What about book cover design?

An idea of book cover design can also be creating by ghostwriters! Or you can find professional book cover designer with the help of ghostwriting services, but here are few tips:

  • Figure out the most important elements of your book and show them on the book cover.
  • Don’t lie to your readers. Don’t put a spider on your book cover if there are no spiders. Readers can really think that it is dishonest, because some people judge by the cover, and s book cover also.

Ethics of the ghost

Probably you already search for ghostwriting services, but have doubts about hiring a ghost for the first time because of the ethics of it. You think that it is bad that your book will be written by another author. Like, can you mislead the reader?

All depends on from the intentions and the goal of the credited author.

If you have your own experience, you would like to share it, and you think about writing a book, but you never dealt with writing and book publishing, what should you do? It would be totally fair to search for help of the professional writer and editor if only this way you can share your great knowledge and valuable story with people.

In this situation, an author want to share their wisdom with others — wisdom that the ghost doesn’t have but can help to turn into words. So readers in the final will receive valuable, well-researched information, for which they paid.

Do ghosts mind be in shadow?

We want to assure you, ghostwriters are perfectly happy with their jobs. Our ghostwriting service works with different writers for many years and we definitely know how they feel. Ghostwriting collaborations are useful and profitable as for the ghost as for their client. Ghosts actually help a lot of people in a book publishing, about what they could only dream about before.

Ghostwriters for hire know from the start that they do writing, editing, giving their ideas to a client and not for free, they are fairly compensated for their work. They don’t have public credit, but that doesn’t mean they are financially exploited, vice versa, usually they receive more than other freelancers. 

Award-winning ghostwriters

Some of the ghostwriters are award-winning and bestselling writers who also self-publishing and even have their own bestselling books. Such experienced writers you can find with the help of professional ghostwriting services.

But they also like ghostwriting because they get to work with exciting clients: movie stars, politics, famous businessmen, and learning a lot of new things during their work.

To work with a ghost is a perfect choice if you have what to tell the world but can’t produce it into words. If you are ready to pay good for a work process of professional ghost: writing, editing, doing research, review, collecting ideas, etc., then you and the writer will be happy with collaboration.

To tell other people’s stories

You can have an amazing and inspirational story of your life, but don’t know how to tell it to the entire world. With the help of the professional ghostwriting services, you can find perfect writer who will make your story published. The book about you can be whatever you want, fiction or nonfiction, the most important is to find a writer who will support your ideas and with whom you become a team.

Nobody knows your life story better than you, but you may find the ghost, who can collect all your memories and stories into a memoir or autobiography, which will become in great demand by publishing houses.


The most popular interpretation of this genre is the celebrity memoir, but in fact anyone who live a full and interesting life can publish a nonfiction story, especially if you’ve always wanted to do it. Our company and the best ghosts wait for your order.

Ghosts for business

If you are a businessman and your photo is on a book cover (of your own book), it means that you already achieve something. Famous businessmen have a lot of useful information and advices to share, but not all of them can actually write a book or even a manuscript. But publishing a book in a business world means a lot! This is where professional ghostwriting services can help.

In business industry, to use writing services of the ghosts is very common, because a leader of big company usually haven’t got time for book writing. With the help of the writer, businessmen need just spend some time for the interview in the start and for reading ready book about him or her as a final step. Often such books become bestselling and the business improves its position in the market.

Ghosts for sites

Writers can also work with the business as content-makers for marketing materials on the web-platform. They can make texts for the social media, blog, website etc. Ghostwriting services can find the perfect author who is a professional expert in your business sphere.

Book proposal

If you want to have your own book, then you want to publish it. But before you will present your book to the readers, you should present it to the publisher first with a “proposal”.

Proposal is a description about your book in an art form. This writing is the first thing that the publisher should like, and only after he or she will read the book. If you are good in words and wrote the manuscript to your book by yourself, you can do the proposal writing also, and just ask your ghostwriter about editing services.

Can be different

One writer can be the author of fiction book, business article and SEO text. It is because ghostwriting means that authors should be flexible and change styles like chameleon change the color. They can easily adapt their writing skills to any client’s order. More than that, they stay away from their own styles, and trying to help clients to find their own, right voice and style. So they collaborate closely and try to understand what style would be suitable for the customer.

Ghost’s service For publishers

Publishers also work with ghostwriters because of their possibility to be different and also to copied styles of another authors. If you are a publisher and searching for somebody who writes in the exact way, you can use ghostwriting services to find who you need.

Ghost’s service For bloggers

If you are a blogger, who want to turn the blog into a book, but you are too busy, professional can help you to pen the content for your blog and save your voice in it.

Ghost’s services: short-forms

Ghostwriters work not only with books or articles, people hire them to create content for the website, blog or social medias. Sometimes successful people are too busy, but they have their audience on the internet, and if they don’t want to lose it – they hire a professional ghostwriter.

Ghost’s services: blog and social medias 

In blogosphere probably the same amount of ghostwriters as bloggers!

You know, that almost all famous people: movie stars, politics, musicians, sportsmen have their social medias, sometimes even blog or website. But, of course, a lot of them haven’t got time to create ideas and write content for their posts by themselves. That’s why they prefer to use leading ghostwriting services for it.

Ghostwriting on the Internet

Ghostwriters research, plan, and churn out numerous posts, they create ideas, review other accounts to know the trends. They perfectly know an audience for which they create content. They’re also hiring another team members: editors, marketing manager, SEO-manager. Through this process, social media page or the website become the best on the market.

If you are a blogger

If you want to improve your social medias but don’t know what to post, you can use ghostwriting services or just have a consultation from an expertise ghostwriter. It will help you to understand what kind of content you want to post, how to create it and what social media platform is the best for you.

If you are a BUSINESSMEN

If you have a business and want to post regular information to the blog, hiring a ghostwriter and editor will be a good decision. Also, ghostwriting services can help you find an author who is an expert in your business industry, this way your content will be always professional.


As we said before, ghostwriters work with famous people and some of them even write speeches for the presidents, ministers, politics and the words, written by ghostwriters and editors, forever remain in history. Of course, often these people write a manuscript with the speech by themselves.

How to find the best ghost?

Process will be easy with the help of ghostwriting services.

It is really hard to find ghostwriter by yourself, because usually they are not public figures. Exceptions – award-winning authors who also works as ghostwriters, but their prices are very big.

Ghostwriting services propose you to choose a writer, who do high-quality work, by yourself. You will have information about authors with whom service works and examples of their previous works.

How to recognize the best ghost?

The best ghost is a professional author with book publishing experience. He or she can write both fiction and non-fiction book, and also work in another genres. To understand: do you want to work with this person or not – read his or her book. And review other writings. If you like them, hire this author.

The right professional can also do topic research, book cover design, citations, formatting, editing and rewrites.

With such person, all process will be easier. Two of you can create a real professional book!

Assemble a team

Book writing is a big project, so if you decide to have a team for it, it also a good idea. Thinking big, to start the process you need to find ghostwriters, editors, book cover designer, publishing manager, marketing manager etc. Or you can use the services of a ghostwriting company. For example, our ghostwriting service provide writing services and editing services at once, so you will have not so many people in the team, but the work will be no less productive.


If you do your own book project for the first time, we recommend you to have consultation with our ghostwriting team for free. We will tell you about our writing services, about ghostwriting, publishing, our team of ghostwriters and editors. Let’s start the process!

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