How much does a ghostwriter cost?

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Cost of ghostwriting depends on many factors: what type of text you need, what length of the piece should be, how much time the writer will need for the research to do the project. Price of ghostwriter’s work can be more if you ask them to add hyperlinks, images and another content elements.

Ghostwriting fees

How much does a ghostwriter cost? It can be very different.

Ghostwriting costs depend on your request, professionalism of the author, how they work: ghostwriter can charge by the hour, for number of words/per 1 word or for stable fee.

If a ghostwriter charge by hours of work, the cost for the content can veer from 20 to 200 dollars per hour, depends on the complexity of the project and level of the writer. Ghostwriters charge for this type of work usually range from 1 to 3 dollars per-word. The longer the manuscript, the more will be the payment. The cost per project depends on word count more than of any other feature of the manuscript.

Also, ghostwriter can have the flat fee, an amount that is charged that does not change according to the amount of work done. It depends on professional level of the ghostwriter.

Much more expensive book writing costs, especially if it’s a published book that people can buy at a bookstore and for real hold in their hands. Here price can start from 5000 dollars and can reach even 250 000 dollars, all depends on the task, number of pages and words, rate of the writer etc. But other types of content cost much less.

Ghostwriting fees charge from 450 dollars to create the main page of the site. From 250 to 750 dollars typically charge for an information page, which can include different kind of guides and reviews. Case studies can cost from 1200 to 2000 dollars, while a government or other authoritative report cost from 2000 to 10 000 dollars.

If you don’t know where to find an author, who is a professional one, how much does a ghostwriter cost for your request, the best decision is to find an agent. You can use our site for it. The agent understands all the details much better and will find a great author who costs not too much. Also, agent helps with such important law point like a contract.

Order ghostwriting services on our site to get started a way with your perfect book!

Types of ghostwriting content

There are some types of content which ghostwriters may do for the clients. If we talk about formats which are suitable for the business and to improve marketing strategy, it can be:

Blog posts: if you want to add to your site well-written, deep-researched texts, ghostwriters will do the best of it. Blog articles definitely will help your site to look more convincible for the clients.

Landing pages: it is what you need to develop your site and with it – your business. In the landing page you need keywords, calls to action, readable text. Hiring a ghostwriter will make this task easier for you.

Business book: If you have a business and you are an expert in your sphere, we know exactly what you need to do to establish a professional reputation in your industry. Publishing a book is a great way to show yourself in the best way. But to write your own book is time-consuming and not easy, especially if you are not a creative person. You can easily save your time and nerves by use the help of ghostwriter.

E-book: it’s a mini book about a topic of your business or product. This type of content, which the client can download and read, can be very productive. Ghostwriting could help with this also! This content should be interesting, like a real story. Ghostwriter will make high quality content for e-book. The professional ghostwriter can make even a lot of a difference for your marketing efforts.

Ghostwriters also work with literary or journalistic works: articles, speeches, official documents, fiction books, nonfiction books, etc. They can write all what is in your head! You can find a ghostwriter for work of any difficulty, but of course creative work costs much more and takes much more hours. Ghostwriting is very useful if you already have idea for your book and the manuscript, so an author can help to make it right.

To use such help have a bunch of advantages.

Advantages of hiring a ghostwriter

Ghostwriters can help you to realize the dream, if you want to publish your own book, or improve your business’ marketing, if we talk about texts for the site. Here are the main advantages.

To save Time

If you are an owner of the business, you need to do a lot of tasks to make it works good. Nowadays, site it is a face of every big business, so it also needs attention and good marketing strategy. Content on the site is also very important. But you may not have enough time to do research and write the type of content that would help improve your business. Also, you would spend years for it.

In that case, ghostwriter can save your time and present the “face” of your business in the best possible way. The right ghostwriter will do work in the shortest time.

Cost Savings

You can hire a full-time writer for your business, but to this worker you need to pay not only salary, but also offer benefits, pay extra taxes and buy a new computer and other equipment for their job.

So, here is the way to save some money: hire for content work a ghostwriter. In this case, you only pay for the work you receive. They may charge per hours of work, or have ghostwriting costs for each project, or you can provide payment per page or per word.

You don’t pay for internet access or computer equipment, they are responsible for their own taxes, and you don’t have to worry about space for them in your office. You can see by yourself, this proposal will save your money for real.

Increased Flexibility

During development of your business you will need different kinds of content: you may need texts for marketing, site, blog, mailing to clients, e-book, probably you will decide to have your own published book. There are all different kinds of work and if you hire a full-time writer, they may not have experience to write every type of content you need. Our company will help you to choose the best ghostwriters for each type of content, we work with authors who are professionals in different spheres and types of ghostwriting.

How to hire a ghostwriter you’ll be happy with?

Before hiring a ghostwriter, you should define your project goals and do some research to find the best author for it. No matter what kind of content do you need, you’re going to share thoughts and opinions with ghostwriter, so he or she should understand you and support your ideas. You should trust this person, because he or she will write for you or for your business.

Of course, it’s not easy to find someone you can trust, but we have some useful recommendations about how to find a high quality ghostwriter, who will amazing suits your ideas and won’t cost a lot.

What can you expect from ghostwriters?

Here all depends on the type of content you need from the ghost.

If it is a nonfiction project, a ghostwriter will provide all the information, stories, researches and other materials that will be needed during the work. You are the client, so you will tell the idea and all main points of the project to an author. Actually, you can work together: the ghost will collect information, write the text and give advices, you will give your ideas, control the work and add some of your personality to the text. The ghostwriter may also interviewing the author and other experts to collect information and stories. If it is very important project, which should be done fast, you can hire two ghostwriters: one for the research and another for the writing skills.

If it is fiction project, client usually know what he or she needs and in this case ghostwriters may just help with writing part and few ideas. Some novelists give ghosts a story, the main characters and an idea for how the book should end and let the writer do the job. Other authors have detailed manuscript and work together with the ghost on each chapter and word.

In cases of literature ghostwriting, you mostly pay for work hourly or ghostwriter may have a flat fee.

In business projects all easier. If you need marketing type of content: texts for a blog, landing page, informational pages, you need to provide to the ghostwriters an information about your company (to understand the industry) and topics of the materials, they will do the rest. Perfectly to find a ghostwriter who is an expert in your business’ industry. With it our managers can help you very easy.

In this case, work may charge some amount of dollars per number of words or pages.

Anyway experienced ghosts will help you to understand your primary point or storyline, organize your content in a way that makes sense to readers and guide you in making decisions that are in your book’s best interest. That’s why it is very important to be on the same wavelength with your ghost: if he or she will support your ideas, he or she will write exactly what you imagined.

How the standard process looks like?

When you already found perfect ghost for your project, here what will be next:

  • Ghost produces the first draft
  • Client makes comments and suggestions if they needed
  • They discuss the comments
  • Ghostwriter works on the second draft
  • Comments and corrections of details or errors from the customer
  • Producing of the third draft

After a perfect draft of the entire manuscript is ready, the next step is editing, then proofreading, in the best way it should be done by the other person – editor. You can hire a paid editor, or just use the full package of services of our company: our ghostwriters work with an editor.

How to hire the best ghostwriter?

Hiring a ghostwriter isn’t easy, but if you will spend some time to find the right ghostwriter for you, it will be worth it, and you will have great result, genius book or exiting texts, in the end of collaboration. How to do it? We will tell!

Spot your project goals

To find a ghostwriter who will be perfect for your project, at first you should understand the main goals of it. So, ask yourself:

What will your readers or clients have from your project?

Do you want the readers to study from your book or to get advices? Maybe your book will be for relax and entertaining? Or it will be something deep and scientific? Maybe you need just site content, what your clients should understand after reading it?

What will you have from your PROJECT?

To understand the level and the value of your future book, you should understand what you want, publishing it.

Are you looking to brand yourself or your business, or to increase your credibility? Probably you want to become famous author and continue to publish? Or you want more clients and to make money? If you have the reasons, it could be easier to hire a ghostwriter who will be right for your project.

Start to search for ghostwriters

Then you need to find the best ghost for your genre of the book, business industry or marketing strategy. It’s not easy, so we recommend to use help of EssayBrother. In our site, we collected the best ghostwriters for the pleasant costs.

You can ask an advice from our manager about the best variant for your needs, or you can read about ghostwriters with whom we work by yourself. On our site you will find a story about every of them, also rate and comments from our clients. Look through their listed projects and pick the two or three that writers who you like the most.

Assess the skill level of ghostwriter

You need to search for a ghostwriter with strong storytelling and writing skills, problem-solving skills, the ability to organize and process large amounts of information. Would be great if the person will have his or her own view and big experience.

If you didn’t work with ghostwriters before, we recommend you to use help. You can hire an agent or use help of the professionals of our company, we work with ghostwriting for many years already.

Ghosts with traditional publishing track records are the most sought-after writers in the world. But now there are a lot of new ghostwriters who have not the best writing skills, but still would like to have decent fees. That’s why need to talk about next step.

Look at the previous ghostwriter’s works

To understand, what to expect from the ghostwriter, recommend you to look what they’ve written before and how long they’ve worked as professional writers.

Answer to a second question, you will find easily: if you search for a high quality ghostwriter on our services, information about working terms of a ghost will be on the site. With the first question is harder, because usually we can’t show all works and books of an author, we publish only an example. But you will have the name of the ghostwriter, so you can check his works on the internet by yourself.

If the book, for which you will hire a ghostwriter, means a lot to you or for your business, we have a proposal: looking for someone who wrote at least two books that have been traditionally published. In ghostwriting, it means a lot, because traditional publishing houses have standards that are much higher than in different companies or sites. So this is a real mark of quality. But understandable that such authors can cost more.

Of course, you can find good ghost who didn’t work with traditional publishing houses, but in this case you need to do deeper research.

Then read reviews on the book of the author you are considering, also rankings of books he or she worked on and find out if he or she has books that received awards. If ghostwriter says that his or her book is bestseller, checked what kind of bestseller is it. Because “bestseller” is a loose concept.

Agreement about voice and style

After you read previous works of the writers, from which you choose, you could already understand their styles. Sometimes you can see that one author writes different, because an experienced ghostwriter, one who has written more than texts or scripts, can usually match a variety of writing styles and voices. So before get started to work, pay for a writing example before you order the full project.  Probably it won’t be a perfect voice and style immediately, but this is an opportunity to find out how well you both communicate and work.

If you don’t know what style to choose for your project, an experienced writer could help you find your voice.

Tell straight – what you want

After you make a deal with ghostwriter, it’s time to communicate and tell straight about what you want.

Tell the ghostwriter how would you like to be involved in writing of the content. Do you want to control every step of the work, or don’t participate at all? Do you want them to be creative, or to write all strict to the plan? Do you want to hear ideas and comments from the ghost?

You should decide whether you want to meet the ghost in person or you can work online. Mostly ghosts work online, but sometimes the customer wants the ghost to be available to travel to meetings, events or interviews.

Discuss the process of work together

From the start of work, you should do an agreement about your work process together. Some ghosts at first will spend a lot of time with the customer to know everything about the project: collecting information, asking questions, doing research and conducting interviews, and then disappear for months for writing. Others work with author together, step-by-step.

So from the start you should make an agreement with ghostwriter about work process, which would be comfortable for the both of you. You need to decide, will you make your suggestions within the text, or will you write your suggestions as comments and allow the writer to add them to the written drafts? How many revisions should be?

Availability isn’t everything

If you want to work with the best ghostwriters, you should plan it in advance. To start to work with a particular high-rate ghost for a full-length book, you may need to wait from the six months to a year. Because the best writers usually busy with big projects and can’t be available immediately.

Better to wait for a good ghostwriter than work with an unverified, but available one. If you’ve been thinking about writing a book for years and suddenly decide to do it this year, that’s not a good reason to pick someone simply because they’re ready to start next week.  This rule works also if you search a ghost for your business industry project.

Ghostwriting fees: how much does it cost?

When you hire a ghostwriter you need to understand, what is more important for you: to save some money or to have a great book which will represent you and will bring you money in the future. The same situation if you hire a ghostwriter for the marketing texts, site blog, – these texts will improve your business.

Let’s talk about actual ghostwriting fees for a 100 to 300-page nonfiction book.

If ghostwriters charge from 1000 to 24000 dollars for the whole book – it will be writing of the law quality. There are some good writers in this range who are newbies and are trying to build up their portfolio, you can give them credit. But professional writers who are decent and have powerful experience are cost much more.

Reliable author costs in a range from 25000 to 75000 dollars. The fee here depends on: the writer’s level of expertise, the amount of writing you need, how much work you provide them with to get started: probably you have a ready manuscript, or just an idea. Of course, a higher price in this range doesn’t guarantee better quality. As in every sphere, you can find some ghostwriters who charge more but aren’t that good as writers who charge less.

Best quality writers cost from 100 000 to 250 000 dollars. There aren’t many authors charging such amount of ghostwriting fees, but when you sign a contract with such person, you understand that you will work with professionals who have publishing ghostwriting bestsellers or authored well-respected books under their own names.

There are only about 100 authors in the world who have such amount of ghostwriting fees. They usually work with famous actors, politicians, musicians and famous businessmen.

Some of these ghostwriters want to have royalties and a share of an author’s advance, sometimes even a percentage of a book’s profits. Royalties are a payment to the author received as a reward for granting the right to use a book, which he or she wrote. All this details you should discuss with ghostwriter before starting work and all this information should be in the contract.

More experienced ghostwriters usually charge per project, with additional hourly fees if the amount of work becomes bigger. Books for which an author receives no credit are typically cost more from the start.

Here the costs if your project isn’t a book from a celebrity ghostwriter: the charges can range: 0.50 to 3 dollars per word; 4 to 40 dollars per page, 50 to 150 dollars per hour.

What should be in the contract?

When you find your perfect person to write content for your project, you need to sign an agreement that will protect both of you during your collaboration.

– At first, to settle payment terms, you need to know exactly, how much the work costs and when the fee should be paid. The best variant when we talk about ghostwriting is to pay a flat fee. Be careful with authors who charge by hours or by words.

– Settle deliverables. Not forget to discuss limits on length of the story and how many revisions will be.

– Determine rights and royalties. The best variant is to retain 100% of the rights to your book. The most important is copyright, but also you can do, for example, publishing license, TV, film, foreign, and adaptation rights.

– Protect yourself from plagiarism, you just need to add this to your contract.

– Set termination rights

– Decide on anonymity. If you don’t want the person who write for you to declare after the publishing that he or she helped you, you’ll need to settle it in the contract. But if you want anonymity, expect that costs will be bigger.

If you search for ghostwriting help in services, like ours, here totally will help you with all details, also in the drafting of the contract.

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