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There is no secret that quite often when students are given assignments, they tend to start writing at the last moment and, as a result, don’t pay much attention to title page writing. But has it ever occurred to you that the title page of an essay is the face of your work? When you handle your paper, what is the first thing any instructor looks at? Right, it is a cover page that shows if the writer actually knows what he or she is doing. So what is a title page in an essay? What role does it carry? How to write a cover page for essays? All these and other points we will cover in our article. So, first of all, let’s understand what is a title page in an essay?

What is a cover sheet for an essay?

For most personal essays cover page is not required, however, if it’s an academic essay, it calls for a proper cover page. It doesn’t matter what type of title page is required, all of them should show such information as the writer’s school name, research paper title, writer’s name and class, professor’s name and when the paper is due. So, how to write an academic essay first page?

How to Make a Cover Page for an Essay

So, while some still wonder “What is a cover sheet for an essay?” the answer is easy – it’s the front page of your essay or work which includes the key information about it.

A good cover page for an essay contains such information as:

! The title of the essay;

! The student’s name;

! The name of the course;

! The name of the instructor;

! The date of the submission.

The exact details regarding the cover page will be determined by the formatting style used in the essay. However, the standard rule for the font is Times New Roman, font size 12pt with double spacing. Remember that the font on the title page of an essay and after title page writing essay should be the same.

Some might want to create a cover with an image for an essay. If either your instructor or the format style you are using is allowing you to do so, make sure to add pictures that are relevant to the topic, but are not too huge, or too colorful.

Pay attention to any tiny detail, as the information should be 100% accurate, without typos or mistakes, especially regarding the title, the instructor’s name, the class name, and the course name.

APA Essay Cover Page Explored

According to the school and requirements from the mentor, there are 3 main types of title page for an essay: APA, MLA, and Chicago. Let’s start with APA.

Not every essay requires a title page, but if your instructor asked you to use an APA format for an essay, you should know that it usually includes very little information, like:

  • The title of the paper;
  • The author’s name;
  • The author’s school, college or university;
  • Running head (a shortened title that locates at the top left corner of every page).

A cover sheet for an essay should be written on an 8.5 x 11 white paper with margins 1” on the left, right, top, and bottom sides. Besides, the spacing should be double not only on the title page but all through the paper.

APA Cover Page Template can be seen like:

Running head: TITLE 1 (pay attention that the TITLE is written in CAPITAL letters only!)

The Title of Your Paper

Your Name

Your School’s Name

It doesn’t matter if you prepare an APA cover page for a college entrance essay, analytical paper title page, or for a school essay, the sample of an essay title page looks as follows:

Double-spacedFont: Times New Roman 12 pt

 Running head: MARKETING How Does Digital Marketing Help to Promote Businesses Online?John JohnsonThe University of Westminster

As you see from the example of a title page for an essay written in an APA format, in the running head the name is fully capitalized. In the rest of the paper, the words “running head” are omitted and only write the name itself.

Besides, in the title any word, except prepositions, should be capitalized (however, if the preposition is the first word than it MUST be written in capital letters).

As noticed, in an APA format there is no need to mention the teacher’s name, ONLY student’s name that can be written as follows: Given name, Middle name (if desired), and the Last name.

MLA format, its features, and essay cover page example

MLA (The Modern Language Association) does not call for a cover page, however, in some assignments a cover page will give more professionalism to the paper and it usually consists of:

  • The name of the school;
  • The title of the essay;
  • The Subtitle if there any;
  • The author’s name;
  • The course name and number;
  • The instructor’s name;
  • The essay due date.

To understand better how to apply all these rules, we prepared an example of an essay cover pageusing MLA format.

Double-spaced text that is centeredFont: Times New Roman, 12 ptThe first letter of any word should be Capitalized (except articles and prepositions, HOWEVER they should be capitalized if they are the 1st word, e.g. in the title)

  University/College/High School  1/3 of the page      Title of Your Essay(Sub Title if there is any)  Your NameCourse Name and NumberProfessor NameEssay Due Date  

Some interesting facts about Chicago format style

It doesn’t matter if you use it as a university essay cover page or a cover page for a college essay, the rules for a proper essay cover page in Chicago format are the following:

– The Title of the paper that is centered should be placed on the 1/3 way down of the paper;

– If you have a Sub Title, end the previous line (Title) with a colon and place it on the next line;

– Several lines after a Title/Sub Title write your name, class information, teacher’s name, and date.

All information is double-spaced.

Such information as your name and the date should ALWAYS be indicated, while the class information and the teacher’s name is optional and can be omitted if allowed.

To understand how the rules work on practice, please check more examples of title pages for essays and now in Chicago format.

Font: Times or Times New Roman 12 pt, Double-spacedNo decorative fonts (including make the text bold or underlined)Don’t count as a part of the total page count and don’t put a page number

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