How to Write a Classification Essay?

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During university life, students are required to submit various types of essays: narrative, descriptive, persuasive, etc. Some of them are easier; some are more complicated, but not only due to the content but an understanding of what to write and how it should be done.

A classification essay is one of them and in our article, we will look deeply into its meaning, structure, and differences from other essays.

What is a Classification Essay?

To understand what should be included in a classification essay we, first of all, we should understand its meaning. In a classification essay, a writer supposes to sort or organize things in categories and show examples of how they fit into each. The criteria can be different, but the most important is the ability to explain the reasons.

How to write a classification essay (Writing steps)

Like any other essay, a classification and division essay has steps that should be followed while writing. This type of assignment raises struggle among many students and this not a surprise. Do you know why? Teachers simply don’t explain how to write it, so we prepared step-by-step guidance to make you understand how to write a first-class classification essay.

  1. Get ideas for the paper. Pick out the topic that is interesting for you and you are eager to do your research on and search online or in books the information you might need.
  2. Formulate a thesis statement. If you are thinking about how to write a hook for a classification essay this is the best time to do that, as a thesis statement is a foundation of your paper where you state the main approaches you are going to study. Make a thesis statement simple, interesting, and captivating.
  3. Plan the structure. We will come back to that in detail in our next paragraph.
  4. If required, do some more researchto identify details, search for new information and ideas. Don’t forget to cite properly and keep track of the materials.
  5. It’s time to write. Try not to start the writing right before the deadline; leave yourself some time to reread and edit the paper.
  6. Proofread and edit. Don’t forget to proofread the paper for any typos, mistakes, or irrelevant information; edit the parts that need correction and double-check the word count.

How to Structure Your Classification Essay

We have mentioned above that like any other essay, a classification essay outline has its structure and normally consists of 3 main parts:

!    The Introduction 

Classification essay introduction should contain the subject, explanation of what you will be categorizing, why you chose them, and present your thesis statement specifying the topic of your essay.

!    The body 

The body is the most crucial and longest part of your essay. The distinctive feature of a classification essay is that it consists of a minimum of 3 paragraphs each containing a different category. Each paragraph should have an explanation of the criteria, its strong and weak points and, of course, the examples. Remember that every paragraph has to be completed and should logically follow each other.

!    The Conclusion 

A classification essay conclusion is the last part where you briefly sum up the information on each category. If it is required, you can also recommend one category over others, but in this case, don’t forget to explain your choice and prove it with evidence.

Tips for How to Write a Classification Essay

After we discussed the structure of an essay, it is time to look deeply into how to write a division and classification essay. Unlike other essays, this type of assignment requires planning to write a coherent classification essay. We prepared a list of steps that are handy and should be done beforehand.

Choose the topic that is interesting for you.Before you start writing it is very important to choose the right topic. Classification essay topic examples can include:

  • Artists and their works.
  • The complicity of choosing college majors.
  • Olympic games: before and after.
  • Vacation destinations etc.
  1. Interesting ideas. So after you chose the topic, for example, it’s a classification essay on vacation destinations, now it’s time to sit and brainstorm the ideas that can be brought together in a category. Try to avoid topics with too many categories; the optimal is from 3 to 5 depending on the word count of your essay.
  2. Choose the categories. Some topics have multiple options, so it’s important to decide the side or angle you want your essay to go to. A classification essay example on, let say cars, can be sorted by speed, price or some technical categories. Remember that each category should have a single basis.
  3. Think of a thesis statement. The thesis statement for a classification essay is essential and one of the most important parts, as it helps to direct an approach of the entire essay as well as to form a classification essay intro. It is like a GPS for your whole essay as it navigates your directions of writing, so it’s important to create a thesis statement on an early stage. To make the process easier think of what you will be dividing into categories, list these categories and explain the classification criteria.
  4. Draft an essay. Sometimes it is easier to prepare a draft, or prepare a skeleton of your essay, so you can use it as guidance. Don’t expect to finish it in one sitting, as most likely you will need several drafts to polish and prepare an essay that you can be proud of.

So What Should You Remember About How to Write a Classification Essay?

So, to sum everything up, while writing a classification essay you should remember that:

  • Prewriting is important.Sometimes the topic might be so close to you that you can write it up in an hour, but most likely you will need to do some pre-writing. Take your time and don’t rush!
  • Calculate the time.Remember that starting right before the deadline will not make any good. Make sure that you have enough time to write and proofread.
  • Categorize wisely.Keep in mind that you should classify by a single principle and support each category with examples.
  • Follow the structure.If you expect your paper to be professional and you aim to get high scores, always follow the structure keeping in mind a thesis statement.
  • Edit and proofread.Like any other paper make sure to proofread your paper to exclude any typos, double-check the structure and the language of your essay.

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