How to write a marketing essay?

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What is a Marketing Essay?

The definition of marketing has over 200 meanings. According to the UK Institute of Marketing “Marketing is the creative management function which promotes trade and employment by assessing consumer needs and initiating research and development to meet them. It coordinates the resources of production and distribution of goods and services, and determines and directs the nature and scale of the total efforts required to sale maximum production to the ultimate user”. So, a marketing essay is the process of understanding customer needs and providing services needed for them based on their requirements. Thanks to marketing companies they are able to select the strategy to generate revenue. While preparing a marketing strategy essay you can write about market search, advertising, digital marketing, positioning, etc.

How to Start Marketing Essay

Like any other academic paper, marketing essays have steps that should be followed before writing. We prepared step by step essay writing guide on how to prepare a top-class marketing essay.

  1. Narrow down the topic, as a wide range will not bring the results you are looking for.
  2. Start with research. It is important to understand what are the company’s goals, what does it need and what possible solutions can be provided.
  3. Brainstorm a thesis statement by selecting the topic and the aspects you want to talk about in your essay.
  4. Gather reliable and high-quality resources that have particular information you are looking for. Remember that some old books or articles are good, but try to use up-to-date sources, especially the ones published in Oxford, Harvard, or Cambridge. Besides, a good essay on a marketing strategy should contain a minimum of 10 sources.

Marketing Essay Structure

Before you understand how to write a good marketing essay, you should do extensive research, prepare an outline and structure it properly. The writing itself even with a good topic can be turned into a nightmare and the result will be worthless if presented poorly. That is why it is very important to follow the rules of writing. Any essay on marketing consists of 3 main parts: Introduction, main body, and Conclusion. How should I write a marketing essay Introduction? What should be included in the main body? How to write a marketing essay conclusion? Let’s answer all these questions step by step.

  1. marketing essay Introduction should be direct and straight to the point, without waffling around. It is important to present your argument in a logical way
  2. The main body should include your arguments written in a precise manner. This is the part where the outline prepared at the beginning of your research will be useful. Take the ideas and expand them with examples, data, numbers, quotes, etc. but don’t forget to present your arguments as well as thesis clearly. As the majority of the resources are from the field of economy, use the information properly and accordingly. Remember that one of the tasks is to convince your readers in the arguments provided.
  3. In Conclusion, make sure not to include any new information. In contrary, the main aim is to include some recommendations for the reader that can be used after.

It is important to remember that for any marketing essay its rules of writing and formatting are very important. Some formats include APA, Chicago, etc. When you choose the format, you should be stuck to it throughout the paper, as each of them has its own citing rules, fonts, method of referencing the bibliography page, etc. 

Marketing Essay Tips

Writing an essay requires a lot of effort and time to prepare. It might happen that at some point you are stuck without knowing what to do. We prepared some tips that will help you with your marketing essay.

  • Of course, you will not write about the topic that has been studied or discussed before, that is why it is crucial to study all the materials regarding the question. Make sure to use up-to-date and reliable sources.
  • Before you start, check the current companies in the same field; analyze their services or products and marketing strategies they use. With this information, you will be able to create a powerful thesis statement as well as come up with an effective marketing plan. For example, if you are operating in the F&B sector it can be useful to study a marketing mix of Coca Cola, what has been done and is currently happening in the company, what channels are used to promote and advertise the product.
  • Collect enough material to support your ideas. However, the most important is the quality of sources, not quantity, so don’t rush and gather everything you can find – sort them by relevance and credibility.
  • Prepare an outline of your essay, so it will guide you throughout the paper. A detailed plan can save you time and effort while writing, but if you are still not sure what should and shouldn’t be used in the paper, make your plan short, but logical.
  • When all the information gathered and studied, you have a better understanding of the topic and can come up with a powerful thesis statement which will be a guideline to the paper.
  • Don’t forget to include evidence in your paper. Remember that a marketing essay should have data, numbers, and facts. Besides, don’t forget to connect your paper to the present business and show the link between them.
  • If possible, include some case studies you found, as they will help to explain your thesis statement and expand it.

Any marketing essay is a case study that can be used by a company to improve its work, that is why make sure that your paper covers all the crucial aspects.

Marketing Essay Template

There are various types, areas, and fields to write about in a marketing essay. In our example “The importance of digital marketing in a modern society” we will show how the rules can be applied in writing.

Introduction–        define digital marketing;–        explain why digital marketing is gaining high popularity;–        present your thesis statement:the aim of this essay is …the main reason why …This essay aims to show how digital marketing influences the market and analyzes the reasons for its success. ———————————————–
The main body–        explain various online marketing tools and their application in digital marketing: search engine, social media, paid advertisement, applications, WhatsApp, etc.–        explain the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing;–        in what way digital marketing can increase sales in the company.———————————————-
Conclusion–        summarize the importance of digital marketing;–        give suggestions on how the implementation of digital marketing can benefit the company.

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