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A thesis is one of the basic requirements for all university students. The professors in different disciplines come up with topics that match the course outline and task the students to research one to mark the end of their study. Sometimes the students are left to design the topics for their thesis. Therefore, the thesis is used as an additional tool in awarding a degree to a student. Writing a quality thesis makes the student develop and show confidence in the concepts learned. Also, the thesis allows the professor to identify the attentiveness of the student toward his or her course. University students, though, face the challenge of writing a quality thesis since it involves a rigorous and tedious process. Additionally, students that try to write the thesis without proper consultation end up scoring poor grades. However, most can get assistance with completing their thesis at UwriterPro.

Writing a thesis requires that you first write a proposal, which is a roadmap to your study. However, the proposal is complex to write and most students should seek professional help. 

The following is a detailed guide to writing a quality thesis proposal outline; 

Thesis Proposal Meaning 

The thesis proposal refers to an outline or summary that describes your intended research. It presents the process followed in transforming an idea into a fully researched concept. 

The proposal presents the research problem, methods, and questions you will apply in your study. It is a requirement that all students submit their proposals to the respective supervisors for approval before commencing to work on the thesis paper. 

The primary purposes of a thesis proposal include:

  • It explains the chosen topic and the problem it will address
  • It outlines the procedure that will be followed in data collection to solve the problem
  • It presents the methods for data collection 
  • It finally explains the significance of the intended thesis and how it will promote the area of study. 

Thesis Proposal Outline

Introduction (1 Page long) 

  • What is the research topic? 
  • Why is the research topic important?
  • What is the magnitude of the study? 

Literature Review (7-8 Pages long)

  • Existing literature on the research topic
  • Theoretical framework and methodologies in the study topic
  • Summary of research work on the topic
  • Gaps available in the past literature

Research Question (1-2 Pages Long)

This involves a well-designed question that the writer intends to answer during the thesis essay. 

Methodological Design (1-2 Pages Long)

  • Methodological approach to be employed
  • Participant availability 
  • Sample size 
  • Sample selection criteria
  • Study timeframe 
  • Data collection procedure and method 
  • The research analysis employed (qualitative or quantitative)

Steps towards Writing a Quality Thesis Proposal

It is important to note that as a student there is a time the professor will ask you to write a comprehensive thesis proposal to prove the knowledge acquired during the course. The topic for the thesis proposal may vary from the simplest concept to the most abstract that you had been avoiding. Therefore, understanding the steps involved in writing a thesis proposal will come in handy. 

The Process 

  1. Identify the topic (this is where the professor has not provided a specific topic for the paper)
  2. Conduct intensive research on the topic (at this stage, select suitable sources that you are going to use in writing the proposal. However, you must ensure the sources are credible since they will be cited at the end of the thesis proposal)
  3. Write the outline for the thesis proposal (This helps arrange your materials and present arguments clearly)
  4. Write your thesis proposal 
  5. Organize the cover page contents for the proposal 
  6. Edit and proofread the draft proposal to ensure it is polished and ready for submission as the final copy. 

Formatting Your Thesis Proposal

The format chosen for a thesis proposal depends on the particular discipline. However, the most common format accepted by most professors includes the following parts;

Title Page 

This is the first page that the reader of your paper interacts with. It contains details such as the title of the thesis proposal, your name, course code, course name, professor’s name, and the date the paper was submitted or completed. 


  1. A Topic: at this part, you are required to state the thesis proposal topic 
  2. B Topic (Rationale): at this part, you are required to clearly explain the reasons you decided to research the identified topic. The rationale should be detailed and convincing to the reader such that they are also able to see the need for research on the subject. 
  3. C Topic (Introduction): at this part, you are required to provide additional information about the research topic and the origin of the problem. 

Table of Contents 

Some thesis proposals are long (above 10 pages) such that looking for a particular subtopic becomes a problem. Therefore, you must include a table of contents section for the paper so that readers can easily access their favorite subtopics. Additionally, the table of contents helps you during the editing process to easily locate the pages you would want to add or delete some information. 

Abstract and Statement 

The abstract part is written after gathering the sources for the paper and writing it to the conclusion. The abstract contains the summary of the paper as well as the research statement or problem. Also, this part may include the objective and goals for the research. 

Literature Review 

In this section, you are required to write relevant information about past research work that has been conducted on the topic and the conclusions that were drawn. Also, the methods used together with limitations in past research works on the topic must be captured as literature. 


The research objective/s should be stated clearly 


This section involves discussing the methods to be employed in collecting data. The method can be quantitative or qualitative. 


In this section, you must include the procedure you will employ in collecting data based on the method you chose. 


You should be able to explain the format you will employ in presenting results such as tables, charts, and graphs.

Result Analysis 

You should provide the strategies you will employ in analyzing or interpreting the findings in this section. 

Timeline for Thesis Completion  

You should show the time required for the study. This includes stating clearly the dates for completing the research, presenting the first draft, and final draft, and when you will defend the thesis.  


In this section, you are required to list all the credible sources you used in writing the thesis proposal to avoid plagiarism.

Other Instructions  

The professor or supervisor may provide additional instructions such as the word count, formatting criteria, and citation method for the thesis proposal. 

Examples of Quality Thesis proposals

Our site has compiled several quality thesis proposals that have been completed by experienced and highly educated writers. The thesis proposals are available for every college student that has an interest in learning the process of writing a thesis proposal. To view the examples visit UwriterPro Samples. 

Selecting Thesis Proposal Topics

The professor in most cases provides the topic to be researched at the end of the course. However, sometimes the same professors may leave the responsibility to you especially when they want a variety of topics to be researched. Therefore, it is important to have adequate knowledge of the best topics to work on. Finding a suitable topic requires consultation with an expert that is available at UwriterPro. 

Thesis Proposal Tips

  • Establish the requirements for the thesis proposal such as the length, spacing, and font before commencing to write your thesis proposal. 
  • Use simple vocabulary that the readers can easily comprehend.
  • Always proofread the proposal 
  • Write solutions to your research problem in the conclusion part so that it can provide a base for future studies.
  • Keep a record of all the materials used in referencing your proposal.
  • Plan and complete your proposal within a definite deadline 

Writing a thesis proposal is a tedious and complex process that scares many students. Therefore, it is important to seek professional help at UwriterPro.

Where to Get Your Thesis Proposal Online

There are many writing companies based online that offer thesis proposal writing services. However, most of these companies do not guarantee quality services to clients. UwriterPro provides an opportunity for clients to message the writer and make changes to the order directly. Also, clients can follow the progress of their thesis proposals; this ensures they receive their papers before the deadline. Additionally, clients are given a platform to write elaborate/ detailed instructions to their writers, which ensures 100% satisfaction. UwriterPro offers a simple platform to navigate and order your thesis proposal. The platform also offers a variety of payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, PayPal, and many other methods.  If you have a thesis proposal to be written, take the initiative and order the paper now so that our writers can start working on it immediately.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online thesis proposal writing?

Online thesis proposal writing is a platform that offers students an opportunity to score better grades for their thesis proposals irrespective of the complexity or urgency. UwriterPro is the best example of these online thesis proposal writing organizations.

What is the cost of writing my thesis proposal?

UwriterPro is among the cheapest online thesis proposal writing organizations that do not compromise on quality and originality. Prices start at $ 12 per page of 275 words. 

Which formatting and citation styles are you conversant with?

UwriterPro has some of the most experienced writers that are conversant with all types of formatting and referencing styles. However, the common styles used in college and university essays include APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, ASA, AMA, Turabian, and CMS. 

Will my professor find out I used online thesis proposal writing services to complete his task?

The professional writers in UwriterPro have assisted many students to write their thesis proposals effectively. We have a policy that ensures our clients’ details remain anonymous. Additionally, communication between the client and writer is strictly regulated to ensure absolute client protection. 

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