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Personal Statement Proofreading

It is known that a personal statement, or an application essay, is a very important paper that will help you to get noticed and selected among thousands of applicants. Personal statement should be written carefully as the main purpose is to get the attention of the readers and stand out from the crowd. When creating a personal statement you should explain why you are applying and what you want to achieve in the university, as well as what will you do after graduation.

What Points Should Be Covered in My Personal Statement?

First of all, before writing your personal statement sit and brainstorm what exactly you want to tell to the admission committee, what education and work background you want to mention and what strength and skills you gained in the past.

After that prepare a plan and strictly follow it. The main steps in every personal statement are the following:

  1. Introduction where you explain why you are interested in the subject and why would you like to study that course at university.
  2. Academic experience that is closely connected to the selected course. Show on examples relevant subjects that have inspired you to select the particular course.
  3. Describe hobbies in the subject area outside of the classroom, for example books you have read, extracurricular classes you have attended as well as summer schools you have participated.
  4. It is important to mention your work experience no matter paid or unpaid, as it gives an opportunity to show that the skills required for the course you have already obtained.
  5. Conclusion should be short, but make sure to make your last impression on the admission committee.

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